FinalCode 5 Takes Aim at File Encryption Challenge [PODCAST]

Security vendor FinalCode launched in the U.S in April 2015 in a bid to help advance the state of file encryption. Having faced its share of competitive challenges over the course of the year, the company is now out with its latest release, FinalCode 5.

“There are a lot of solutions out there to protect files,” said Scott Gordon, who as chief operating officer helps lead the company’s go-to-market efforts and strategy.

FinalCode had to overcome the challenge of organizations thinking that its solution was a pure encryption product, Gordon explained, adding that FinalCode provides additional control and management capabilities in addition to data encryption. Another challenge was how to educate the market about the difference between FinalCode and simple password-based encryption that is commonly found in popular office suite applications.

“Password-based encryption has a manageability issue that doesn’t scale, with shared passwords,” Gordon said.

With FinalCode 5.0 the company is now pushing its capabilities further and improving the overall user experience.

“Our real objective was can someone use our product and barely open up a manual,” Gordon said.

Listen to the full podcast interview with Scott Gordon below:

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Sean Michael Kerner
Sean Michael Kerner
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