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Old Data Never Dies...

October 11, 2004
eSecurityPlanet columnist Bob Hillery walks us through a digital forensics case. How do you protect and find the data you're looking for? And how do you keep your computers from being used to steal the company's information in the first place?

Stop Talking and Start Implementing Real Change

September 13, 2004
eSecurityPlanet columnist Bob Hillery says we all basically know what needs to be done to secure our systems. Trouble is it's all so complicated and difficult. Well, it's time to buck up and finally get to work on it.

With Wireless, Easy Road is Riskiest Path

August 16, 2004
When it comes to a wireless connection at home, convenience and ease-of-installment could lead you to an unsafe set up. eSecurityPlanet columnist Bob Hillery walks you through a safer connection -- for you and your corporate laptop.

IT and Business Lost in Translation

July 12, 2004
eSecurityPlanet columnist Bob Hillery takes us into the trenches as he flies in to help a client after an attack took down the company's key servers. Could IT and business communications be the biggest hurdle in front of him?