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Hooked! How Scammers Almost Got a Phish on the Line

October 23, 2003
Don't be fooled by a false sense of security -- small e-commerce entrepreneurs are just as vulnerable to online scams as individuals. After all, business accounts and credit card info are just as valuable to criminals as personal data.

New Technology Warns of ID Theft Before the Victim Is Cleaned Out

April 22, 2003
The greater your success with your e-commerce site, the more visibility you have online - and the more likely you are to attract the attention of identity thieves, scam artists and fraud perpetrators of all kinds. Here's how one company is working to change that.

Jail Time for eBay Scam Artist

April 11, 2003
Judge sentences Connecticut woman to almost five years after she admitted defrauding hundreds of eBay computer buyers of almost $900,000.

Online Fraud Complaints Triple

April 9, 2003
Internet auction fraud continues to lead the list at IFCC, but the Nigerian oil minister scam actually rips off the most money on a per-complaint basis.

Job Site Warns of ID Theft Risk

February 28, 2003
Monster.com sends users an e-mail advising caution in providing personal information, says some fake job listings are trolling for data.

Millions of Credit Card Accounts Hacked

February 18, 2003
UPDATE: The scope of the crime grows as security for 8 million MasterCard, Visa and American Express account numbers was breached when hackers reportedly broke into a third-party payment processor's computers.

RIAA Trains Anti-Piracy Guns on Universities

January 30, 2003
The RIAA is taking its battle against illegal filing sharing to universities across the country, and some colleges are cracking down on students.

Spammer Exposes Customer Data

January 15, 2003
A seller of pirated Norton software, who inundates the Net with spam touting his cheap prices, leaves open a back door to buyers' personal information -- and officials say it happens all the time.Special Report: Frauds, Scams and the Flimflam-Man

E-Commerce and the Warm Fuzzies

December 3, 2002
A virtual credit card number company cites a study showing that consumers spend a good deal more online when security concerns are allayed.

Holiday Fraud May Cost Nearly $300 Million

November 22, 2002
The stakes get bigger and both the good guys and the bad guys are escalating their efforts in the ongoing online battle between merchants and thieves.