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Is a Job in Security the Cure for Job Insecurity?

January 5, 2005
With IT professionals worried about the slack economy and the high number of jobs moving offshore, some analysts say the most secure position is one in the security arena.

Fraud Often Mistaken for Identity Theft

November 11, 2004
The buzz in the media and an advertising blitz have blurred the line between fraud and identity theft, according to TowerGroup. The result is an identity fraud epidemic that doesn't really exist.

Consumers Remain Vulnerable to Identity Theft

October 28, 2004
More than 70 percent of consumers will share sensitive information during an unsolicited call or e-mail, according to the 2004 Identity Management Survey.

Phishing is Up and It Has Consumers Down

September 30, 2004
A national study of Internet users found an increase in spoofing and phishing incidents, costing consumers $500 million, and an increase in skepticism about the Web and e-mail as a result.

More Weapons in the War on Phishing

September 24, 2004
Two of the biggest names in computer security announced moves to help the war against phishing attacks this week, as the $1.4 billion problem attracts increasing attention.

Fighting Phishing with Stronger Authentication

September 10, 2004
Vendors of advanced authentication schemes are taking notice of the $1 billion phishing industry and are taking aim at traditional user names and passwords.

Identity is Front and Center at the Airport

July 29, 2004
Identity is central to a pair of security programs the U.S. Transportation Security Administration developed to ensure the safety of air travel. What does not appear to be central is security.

Biometrics Makes Passwords Positively Paltry

May 7, 2004
Thanks to lower price points in the hardware and some clever work by systems integrators, the day when your software prompts you for a fingerprint may come sooner than you expected.

People, Planning Key to 'Business Continuity'

August 5, 2003
It doesn't take a national disaster to bring a business to its knees. Even mundane occurences such as a power outage or server migration can disrupt business continuity. But too many companies are unprepared.