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Is Your Recovery Plan Good Enough to Save You?

November 18, 2005
Columnist George Spafford says a recovery and business continuity plan may be all that stands between your company and disaster. Is yours good enough to keep the business afloat?

Protecting the Internet's Potential Value

June 13, 2005
The Internet is a global public commons. As such, it is a resource that needs safeguarding to prevent its misuse and ultimate destruction.

Creating a Resilient IT System

June 1, 2005
If something knocks your system off line, will it immediately come back up and work as planned? If not, you've got some planning to do.

Backup Best Practices Save Critical Data

April 6, 2005
In an increasingly paperless age, it's critical to backup your data. If you're not doing so, or if you're not doing so correctly, you and your company could be in for a disaster.

Ordering off the Security Menu

March 28, 2005
Our columnist lays out a basic list, or menu, of security technologies and processes that business and technical folks should consider. Pick from the list based on your specific needs.

Sensible IT Security for Small Businesses

March 7, 2005
Small businesses worried about security should avoid magic-bullet solutions and look instead to multiple layers of defense.

Getting at the Root of Security Problems

April 27, 2004
IT is getting a wake-up call. Security problems are running IT managers ragged. They're wasting time and loads of money. But our Datamation columnist says security problems are merely the symptom. The root of the problem runs much deeper.