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DHS Takes a Stand on IT Security

December 19, 2003
With cyber security high on the list of national security efforts, the Feds are looking for the private sector to step up and take control.

The Stocks Must Go On

December 1, 2003
Despite blackouts, disasters and human error, financial systems must keep running. NYFIX met this challenge by migrating to enterprise-class backup systems.

Leaping Hurdles to Safeguard the SAN

November 26, 2003
Managers who know security is a huge problem at the corporate level don't always recognize how insecure their storage networks really are. Our eSecurityPlanet reporter looks at the increasing prevalence of SAN insecurity and what IT managers can do to safeguard their storage assets.

Plenty of IM Security Holes Left to Plug

October 31, 2003
Instant Messaging can speed critical communications across the corporate network, saving time and giving an edge to team projects. The trouble is that IM also can speed viruses into the network and provide corporate secrets to competitors without leaving a trail.

Who Needs Mobile Backup?

September 2, 2003
Despite IT resistance, the growing legions of mobile users are forcing enterprises -- and network admins -- to confront laptop backups.

Are You Giving Company Information Away?

July 28, 2003
That computer your company is getting rid of might not be as clean as you think it is. In fact, it might still be holding critical financial, legal and personnel information -- even as it goes out the door into someone else's hands.

The Emergence of Secure Content Management

June 9, 2003
Content has changed the requirements of enterprise security, exposing the fact that anti-virus software is no longer enough. Instead, a new market is emerging known as secure content management to address the need for policy-based Internet management tools.

Robbing the (Data) Bank

June 5, 2003
Security concerns surface about centralized storage.

Zero to 8,000 in 48 Hours

April 4, 2003
Most IT departments have the luxury of rolling out their wireless networks on a gradual basis. Stewart Seruya, chief security and network officer at the University of Miami, has two days. Here's a look at the three-step custom solution he devised.