WineHQ Hacked

The open source WineHQ project was recently breached.

“WineHQ earlier this week disclosed that someone had managed to break into one of its database systems and gain access to an open-source PHP tool that allows remote management of databases,” writes Computerworld’s Jaikumar Vijayan. “In a note announcing the flaw, Wine developer Jeremy White said it’s unclear how the intruder was able to gain unauthorized access to the PHP utility.”

“According to White, there appears to be no immediate evidence of harm to any databases, though it would have been relatively easy for malicious hackers to cause damage,” Vijayan writes. “However, the attackers managed to harvest all the login information of users of the Wine Application Database (AppDB) and Bugzilla, the WineHQ bug tracking system, White added.”

Go to “Open source WineHQ database breached” to read the details.

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