Wireless Security 

Majority of SOHO Wireless Routers Use Default IP Address, Outdated Firmware

A Tripwire survey also found that 30 percent of IT professionals haven't changed their wireless routers' default passwords.

Survey Finds 83 Percent of Travelers Use Public Wi-Fi

Still, 82 percent say they're very or extremely concerned about their security online.

Survey Finds Almost All Commuters Put Corporate Data at Risk

95.6 percent use open, public Wi-Fi connections at least once a week to carry out work-related tasks, and 34.2 percent do so at least 20 times a week.

Hacker Takes Control of Houston Family's Baby Monitor

The monitor and the wireless router it was connected to were both password-protected.

Inside the Black Hat 2013 Wi-Fi Network

What does it take to provide connectivity to one of the most hostile network environments on Earth? In this exclusive, eSecurity Planet finds out.

Critical Security Flaws Found in Home, Office Routers

All 13 routers studied by ISE can be taken over from the local network, and 11 of the 13 can be taken over from the WAN.