Windows Security: Archive: May 2012 

Understanding the Flame Malware

It's the largest and most complex piece of malware ever discovered. But Flame (aka Flamer and sKyWIper) does not appear to pose a significant immediate risk to U.S. companies.

How to Securely Delete Data from Hard Drives

Don't let that old hard drive leave the building without first scrubbing it clean of all data.

Intel Launches New Generation of Secure Processors

Security gets embedded in the latest generation of vPro chips, as Intel continues to drive McAfee technologies into the hardware layer.

Oops! Avira Anti-Virus Update Disables Windows PCs

A recent update detected almost every executable file as malware.

Severity of Windows 8 Privacy Flaw Questioned

Security experts say concerns about a recently-disclosed privacy flaw in Windows 8 may be overblown.

Microsoft Issues 23 Fixes In Big Patch Tuesday Release

Jumbo patch set fixes "Sons of Duqu" vulnerabilities across the Microsoft code base.