Windows Security: Archive: October 2011 

Which Browser is the Most Secure?

The 'most hostile' one, say researchers at Accuvant Labs.

'They' Really Are Watching You

Your friends may say you're paranoid but this time you might be right.

LogRhythm Using Logs to Remediate Security Risk

Your logs aren't just for auditing and compliance, they can also be used in an SIEM solution that will remediate for security risk and threats.

Microsoft Fixes 23 Bugs, Report Examines 'Zero-Days'

Microsoft patches October's bugs, plus it releases its latest Security Intelligence Report.

Do IT Security Tools Really Make You Safer?

Yet another suite of tools for IT security folks to administer and manage can actually have the opposite effect.

iTunes for Windows Updated to Patch Security Flaws

The update patches a total of 79 vulnerabilities.

Two 'Critical' Patches Coming Tuesday

Microsoft plans to fix 23 bugs on Patch Tuesday, two of them critical.

Kaspersky Intros Endpoint Security 8

The solution is designed for companies that need to secure their cloud computing, virtualization and mobile infrastructures.

Review: Kaspersky Adds Cloud, Smartphones to Its Updated Offering

The first major overhaul in four years of Kaspersky's business antivirus software, Kaspersky Business Space Security, is out.

Microsoft to Fix 23 Vulnerabilities on Patch Tuesday

Eight updates to patch 23 security flaws will be released on Tuesday, October 11.

Google Silently Updates Chrome as Mozilla Preps

You may not have noticed, but Google updated your Chrome browser silently for seven vulnerabilities and Mozilla wants to do the same thing.

Siege Warfare in the Cyber Age

In one the unlikeliest turn of events brought about by technology, it looks like Middle Ages' siege warfare may be making a comeback, writes Gunter Ollmann of Damballa.