Windows Security: Archive: November 2010 

Ransomware Scams Take Your Data Hostage

New form of malware encrypts files on a victim's computer and demands they fork over $120 if they ever want to be able to access their Office files again.

8 New Security Add-Ons for Firefox

Improve browser security and protect your privacy--and your identity--with these eight great open source add-ons for the Firefox Web browser.

How To Encrypt a Windows Drive with DiskCryptor

Even if you password-protect your Windows account and encrypt your sensitive data, your system files can still be easily accessed, for example, from a Linux-based LiveCD--unless you encrypt them.

Apple Patches Mac OS X for Over 130 Flaws

OS X 10.6.5 released delivering the biggest patch load ever to Apple users, but did they still miss a few?

New Harry Potter Movie Means New Malware Scams

It doesn't take a wizard to know how to cast a spell on people eager for "Deathly Hallows" sneak peaks. As anticipation grows for part 1 of the series finale, so does the number of Harry Potter-specific malware threats.

USB Devices Responsible for 1 in 8 Malware Attacks

Study by security software developer AVAST finds that hackers are exploiting the AutoRun function in portable USB flash memory devices to infect PCs and mobile devices.

Microsoft: A Light Patch Tuesday Coming Up

Microsoft has only one critical bug to patch this month, a dramatic change over last month's Patch Tuesday and a welcome break for systems administrators.