Windows Security: Archive: September 2010 

Microsoft Rushes Out 'Important' ASP.NET Patch

Microsoft can move pretty quickly to block zero-day holes when it wants to. The ASP.NET hole got the company's attention and it is rolling out a patch Tuesday, just ten days after it surfaced.

Stuxnet Worm Tags Iranian Nuclear Plant

Iran's official news agency said the worm had managed to infect computers operating at its first nuclear power plant, but had thus far only caused minor damage.

Spam Scam Targets LinkedIn Community

Security researchers at Cisco say the social network for professionals has been hit with a massive malware campaign designed to steal users' online banking credentials.

New Email Solution Protects Privacy

VaporStream's software is designed to combine the ease of use of e-mail with the privacy and security of an in-person chat.

Microsoft Scrambles to Patch Encryption Hole

Hole in server encryption could leave many systems open to attack, researchers and Microsoft officials say.

Google Updates Chrome Ahead of Adobe Fix

Yet another update for the Chrome browser and this time Google is getting the drop on a Flash fix ahead of other browsers.

Adobe Hustles to Release Flash Player Fix

Adobe Systems pushed out a fix designed to address a critical security vulnerability in its Flash Player a week earlier than it previously promised.

McAfee Warns: In PC Security, 'Free' Is a Four-Letter Word

New study by McAfee finds that simply adding 'free' to any search for music, ringtones or porn triples the likelihood of being directed to a malicious website.

Google Chrome 6 Gets Updated for 9 New Flaws

Google patches Chrome 6 for security as development on Chrome 7 continues and the next generation browser race accelerates against Firefox and IE9.

Another Busy Patch Tuesday for Security Admins

Microsoft serves up a fresh batch of vulnerability fixes for September.

'Here You Have' Spam Outbreak Leaves Enterprises Reeling

IT administrators are still cleaning up their email servers after last week's potent 'Here You Have' virus inundated corporate servers with billions of spam messages.

Four Hidden WLAN Security Threats

You may think your Wi-Fi network is secure, but unless you've addressed these four security threats, you may have left your corporate wireless network vulnerable to hackers.

Microsoft Cooking Up Baker's Dozen of Fixes for Patch Tuesday

Security administrators are put on notice that they have another busy week of applying vulnerability patches to Microsoft products.

Mozilla Firefox 3.6.9 Security Updates Follow Microsoft's Lead

Mozilla is taking a page from Microsoft IE's security features as it updates the Firefox browser for 10 critical flaws.