Windows Security: Archive: August 2010 

Malware Scam Uses Celebrity Deaths as Lure

New malware campaign sends unsolicited emails with subjects indicating that a celebrity has died in car crash. If you open the accompanying file, the only wreck will be on your PC or mobile device.

New 64-Bit Windows Rootkit Already 'In The Wild'

An updated rootkit already floating around the Internet may be a new milestone in how to break into Windows.

Microsoft Was Warned of DLL Vulnerability a Year Ago

A security hole in the internals of many Windows applications could lead to an unprecedented rewrite of many popular programs.

Google Patches Chrome for 11 Flaws and $10K

Google's Chrome browser gets fixes for memory corruption risks as the company's bug bounty program reaps more results.

More Windows Apps at Risk Following iTunes Patch?

A European security firm started out to warn Apple that iTunes for Windows had a critical fault, but now another security sleuth says it affects dozens of other programs, as well.

Microsoft's Patch Plugs 'Spoofing' Exploit

One of Tuesday's patches could protect users from hackers trying to steal a user's identity and gain control of his or her system.

How to Completely Wipe Data from a PC

Before you sell, dump, or donate your old PCs, you should thoroughly wipe them of sensitive documents and data. We offer simple, step-by-step instructions to show you how.

Microsoft: Big Patch Tuesday for IT Administrators

Security experts warn PC support personnel to plan ahead for one of Microsoft's biggest bug smashes ever, releasing a total of 14 patches that secure 34 vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Tracks Another Zero-Day Vulnerability

Microsoft just patched one zero-day hole in Windows and now it's got a new one to contend with--a buffer overflow flaw in the kernel of all supported versions.

Adobe Races to Ready Patch for Another PDF Vulnerability

After a serious security flaw in its Acrobat and Reader applications surfaced at last week's Black Hat security conference, Adobe wants users to know it's rushing out a fix.

Microsoft: Eight Critical Patches Coming Tuesday

The company plans to fix a total of 14 threats in this month's security patch release.

What's Next for Metasploit?

Metasploit founder HD Moore details where the open source vulnerability framework is headed and why maintaining the open source base in Linux is tougher than Windows.

Out-of-band Microsoft Security Patch Coming Monday

With attacks already underway, Microsoft rushes out a patch for a vulnerability in how Windows processes shortcuts to local files.