Windows Security: Archive: July 2010 

Microsoft Tweaks Its Bug Disclosure Process

As bug sleuths find and disclose more security holes in Microsoft products, giving the company little or no advance warning, the software titan tries to lower the tensions between all parties in order to better protect users.

Apple Has the Most Security Vulnerabilities: Report

Secunia's report doesn't measure the severity of security flaws, but it says some interesting things about how the focus of malware attacks has shifted.

Microsoft Beta Tests Two Updated Security Tools

Forefront Endpoint Protection offers new features for enterprise admins while the free Security Essentials gets an overhaul.

Microsoft Blindsided by Another Zero-Day Attack

New zero-day attacks on all Windows OS's spring from removable file storage vulnerability, says Microsoft.

Zscaler Brings Email Security to the Cloud

The security software vendor's latest cloud security product screens all inbound and outbound email messages sent from any PC or mobile device.

Microsoft Patches Critical Security Holes, Ends Windows XP SP2 Support

For July, Microsoft patches two zero-day vulnerabilities, and support finally ends for Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows 2000.

Top Ten Security Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 7

Windows 7 Enterprise delivers enough security improvements to justify the cost and hassle of migration. We outline ten of the best security benefits.

Patch Tuesday to Fix Three 'Critical' Microsoft Holes

July’s patch release may not be as demanding as June, but in fixing three critical holes, it’s an important one for administrators to deploy ASAP.

7 Bad Computing Habits You Should Break

We’ve identified seven common computing habits that have security implications. We’ll tell you how and why you should break them.

Google Updates Chrome for 10 Security Flaws

Another week, another big security fix for Chrome as Google moves to tackle newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Warns on Windows Developer Tool Vulnerability

Microsoft puts users and developers on notice that the Windows Foundation Classes have a security flaw -- making some apps vulnerable to attackers.

Microsoft Reports Over 10,000 Zero-Day Attacks

Microsoft continues to work on a patch for a zero-day security exploit published last month but, in the meantime, real-world attacks are picking up steam.

Gartner Security Summit News Round-Up

Annual IT security gathering urges attendees to adopt more pragmatic, risk-centric, business-focused approaches.