Windows Security: Archive: March 2010 

Google Warns of New Malware Targeting Vietnamese Activists

In the midst of its standoff with China over censorship, Google details hackers' activity designed to set up a botnet and launch a cyber attack against a very specific target.

Microsoft: IE's Defense in Depth Not Fool-Proof

Microsoft touts 'defense in depth' as an effective deterrent after a white hat hacker last week demonstrated a complete takeover of Windows 7 running Internet Explorer 8.

IE8, Firefox, Safari, and iPhone Fall to Pwn2own Hackers

As expected, security researchers found exploits in all of the targeted platforms in a contest that put browser security to the test.

Purloined PC Results in Data Theft for Thousands of Students

More than 7,000 Vanderbilt University students had their personal information compromised last month after a thief made off with a professor's desktop computer.

Mozilla Scrambles to Close Firefox Vulnerability

Mozilla patches a critical flaw that a few weeks ago it doubted even existed.

Better Backups Mean Better Data Security

Guard against malware and protect your data by configuring your PC to be as "bullet-proof" as possible.

7 Cool, Free Security Applications

Eric Geier offers an interesting list of free security apps, including biometric logins, encrypting flash drives, and locking down public workstations.

Apple Updates Safari for 16 Flaws

More than half the Apple browser's security flaws are in the WebKit rendering engine, which is also used by Google's Chrome.

Westin Hotel's POS Hacked

A cyber attack breached the Los Angeles Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites point-of-sale systems for several months last year.

Improve Windows Security with Smart Cards

Security authentication and single-sign on are among the benefits to enterprises using Vista and smart cards.

Vodafone HTC Smartphone Ships With Malware

Panda Security discovered Confiker, Mariposa, and Lineage password stealing malware samples installed on a recently purchased Vodafone HTC Magic smartphone.

Increase Laptop Security with BitLocker

If your laptop is running either the Ultimate or Enterprise editions of Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can take advantage of the BitLocker feature to encrypt the hard drive. Here's how.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: Two Bug Fixes, IE Warning

Besides patches for Microsoft Excel and Windows Movie Maker, Patch Tuesday includes a warning about zero-day attacks on some users via Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

PC Security: Energizer DUO Software Carries Trojan

Government security experts are warning consumers that using Energizer's DUO USB battery charger could leave their Windows PCs open to attack from hackers.

Buying Guide: Enterprise Online Backups

Part of keeping your data secure is creating a reliable, secure system of backing up that meets all your needs. We help you shop for the best solution.

Windows Security Gets Boost from ClamAV

Open source antivirus comes to the Windows desktop with a little help from a new cloud backend to accelerate security.

How to: Set Up TrueCrypt Disk Encryption, Part 2

In the second and final part of this series, we cover more advanced methods of configuration and mounting of this open source tool.

Should Malware-Infected PCs Be Banished?

Microsoft proposes throwing malware-infected PCs into quarantine and denying them Internet access. The company also announces availability for its new identity management product.