Windows Security: Archive: December 2009 

Microsoft: No Hole in IIS 6

After testing claims by a hacker who claims IIS 6 is vulnerable to a zero-day attack, Microsoft says it's a wild goose chase.

2010: A Malware Odyssey

Socially engineered scams, poorly protected databases and the arrival of Windows 7 will keep security software vendors and their clients busy in the new year.

Simple Data Security Solutions

If you prioritize data security--and who doesn't?--the Aegis Padlock portable hard drive offers a secure, affordable solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux that's simple enough for even non-IT pros to manage.

Top Ten Security Tips for the Holidays

Unfortunately, the weather outside isn't the only thing that's frightful this time of year. Use our PC security tips to protect yourself from spyware, hackers, and other Grinchy things.

Tips and Tricks for Using 802.1X in Windows

Securely set 802.1X settings to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks; get a review of the new advanced settings for 802.1X in Windows 7; and learn tips for enabling 802.1X for wired networks and for removing cached login credentials.

CA Predicts More Malvertising, Mac Attacks in 2010

The software developer's security team also thinks another big computer worm outbreak like Conficker is possible.

Microsoft Opts to Block, Not Patch, Vulnerable Codec

A move to limit the execution of a 17-year-old video codec aims to protect users from hack attacks.

125,000-Plus Sites Tagged by SQL Injection Attack

Security researchers say the sophisticated malware is likely being used for credit card or other banking-related thefts.