Windows Security: Archive: November 2009 

2009's Malware May Reveal 2010's Threats

In 2009, new malware mechanisms have emerged and platforms beyond Windows have increasingly been targeted.

Two Approaches to Securing Autorun and AutoPlay in Windows

Protecting your Windows computer from Autorun/Autoplay security problems can be done the 'official' way -- or the safe way.

Patch Tuesday: Three 'Critical' Bugs

Microsoft says that "We believe Bulletin 3 will have the biggest impact on corporations as it impacts multiple platforms and is rated critical for Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003; and important for Vista and Server 2008."

Check (All) Your Windows Patches: Secunia

Microsoft issues patches for its own Windows apps, yet other vendors' programs remain a security challenge. Secunia offers a free online software inspector for patch notification.

Kaspersky Unveils Anti-Virus for Mac

As the Mac platform attracts more hackers, security vendors respond in kind.

Malware is Top Threat to Company PCs

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