Windows Security: Archive: July 2009 

Black Hat Attendees Focus on Oracle, Mac

Experts at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas show tools to automate penetration testing of Mac OS X and Oracle databases.

Mac Vulnerability Could Allow Data Theft

A Mac expert reveals a method of data theft that works even on encrypted information.

Erin Andrews Peeping Tom Video: Malware Spreader

While the actual video of ESPN anchor Erin Andrews does reportedly exist, hackers are using fake copies to spread malware across the Web.

The Best Way to Remove Viruses and Malware, Part 3: The Clean-Up

Here are my experiences using both network access and the software included with the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows to clean up an infected Windows machine. All the software discussed is free.

Hackers Exploit Flaw in MSFT Office

Hackers have attacked Office software for Windows, using a hole that is not yet fixed.

ActiveX Zero-Day Fix: Due on Patch Tuesday

A half dozen patches will be released in July's Patch Tuesday, a smaller number than last month.

IBM's Data Masking: Higher Security?

Will a kind of encryption technology make it safer to outsourcing data handling?

New Zero-day Bug for XP

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