Windows Security: Archive: June 2009 

Microsoft Anti-Malware Beta to Launch

Microsoft is ready to unveil public beta testing of its free anti-malware engine.

New Twitter Worm Attacks

Security vendor Symantec warns of yet another worm attack on Twitter.

How to Remove Malware (Part 2): Booting from a CD

Using a boot CD to remove malware can be more effective than simply running an anti-malware software program.

Mac OS Sees More Malware

Although Macs still face far fewer security problems than Windows, the trend line is going in the wrong direction.

Adobe Issues Critical Patch for Reader and Acrobat

It's well worth upgrading your version of Adobe Acrobat and Reader.

Ten Windows Security Bulletins Delivered

Microsoft calls six of the ten security bulletins critical. All told, 31 vulnerabilities are addressed, including one in the newest Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Plans 6 'Critical' Patches For Tuesday

Redmond also says it has fixes in the works for Windows, Word and Excel.