Windows Security: Archive: December 2008 

Honing Computer Forensics Skills with Process Explorer

Need to cleanse a malware infected Windows system? Learning to use a free and handy tool called Process Explorer is an essential first step.

Critical Internet Explorer Patch: MS08-078 Resource Center

A one-stop guide to understanding the infamous IE7 vulnerability and patching it effectively (the sooner, the better).

Apple Patches 21 Security Glitches

Latest Apple patch haul includes some late fixes for Adobe Flash.

Intel, Ericsson Aim For Better Laptop Security

Instead of waiting for a laptop to connect to the Internet, a kill message can be sent via SMS. Finally, texting has a practical use.

Microsoft Expands Zero-Day IE Warning

As reports of attacks in the wild come in, Microsoft says IE 7 is not the only vulnerable version of its browser.

Which Top Apps Have the Most Security Holes?

Bit9 ranks the most widely used applications with known security vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Admits IE Still Flawed

Fresh off its widest-ranging vulnerability fix in years, it's turning out that Microsoft may have missed one.

Ward Off Mac Exploits

OS Roundup: Don't let the worm get into your Apple. Protecting yourself from exploits is just as critical for Mac users as for those running Linux or Windows -- and not something to get complacent about.

Microsoft, RSA Team Up on Data Security

The pair are betting that enterprises will want to leverage Windows 2008 to more tightly control and protect sensitive information.

Apple Recommends Antivirus for Mac Users

The Mac maker quietly suggests customers use antivirus software, though threats are still few in number.