Windows Security: Archive: October 2003 

Now Disabled on Your PC: Windows Messenger

The software giant takes proactive steps to staving off security headaches for users of Windows-based PCs by unilaterally disabling the Windows Messenger service and activating an XP-based firewall in its place.

Linux Security: Tips from the Experts

Concerned about the security of your Linux environment or looking for ways to beef up your existing security? Two Linux security pros share tips to help you get up to speed on the latest Linux security advancements.

AOL, Microsoft Kill the Messenger

NetBIOS continues to pose spam and virus threats -- prompting the two giants to both adopt new policies.

AntiOnline Security Spotlight: Trojan and Backdoor Myths

Think your anti-virus apps and firewalls provide you with total immunity to keyloggers and other nasty pieces of code? Think again.

Diversity Not the Answer to Monoculture Computing

Is diversifying software and operating systems the only way to reduce security risk in a software 'monoculture'? Don't be lulled into such as easy answer, says a technology analyst.

AntiOnline Security Spotlight: No Good Deed

As the old saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished. Such was the case of an alert computer user at a school's library.