Windows Security 

ATMs on Windows XP: How Risky Is It?

Microsoft has ended official support for Windows XP. What does that mean for the security of the world's ATMs, most of which run XP?

Windows 8 Boosts Security with 5 New Features

Security experts have long held a dim opinion of the Microsoft Windows OS. But Windows 8's lineup of security features may help change their minds.

Microsoft Patches TrueType Font and IE Flaws

Microsoft's July Patch Tuesday yields a long list of fixes, including a patch for an IE zero-day flaw first disclosed in June.

Android Malware Steals Data from Windows PCs

A malicious app called USBCleaver retrieves browser passwords, Wi-Fi passwords and network information when the device is connected to a PC via USB.

Microsoft Launches Bug Bounty Program

The top bounty in the new program is worth $100,000.

New Windows Malware Wipes Master Boot Record

BKDR_MATSNU is currently being distributed via spam targeting users in Germany.

Microsoft IE 8 Hit by 0-Day Flaw

New flaw is identified as being the root cause of attack against the U.S. Government Department of Labor