Security is top-of-mind--or should be--for IBM DB2 DBAs. They tackle many security obstacles and Rebecca Bond, the IBM DB2 Locksmith, has five secrets to share that she believes will help DB2 LUW DBAs beat the database security odds.

Inspired by an impending trip to gambling mecca Las Vegas next month to deliver a session at IBM Information on Demand 2010, Bond writes for our sister site, DatabaseJournal, "Whether it's odd as in 'strange anomalies' or odds as in 'Las Vegas gaming', we can learn a lot about DB2 LUW Security by learning about the odds."

She cautions that there is, of course, no "guaranteed" security, but believes her five tips can shift the odds in our favor.

She recommends several free resources for DBAs, including the DB2 9.7 Database Security Guide (.pdf), and offers clear and concise advice for best practices.

Read the full story at DatabaseJournal.

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