A Sampling of Intrusion Detection Players

  Company Location URL Comments  
  Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. Redwood City, Calif. checkpoint.com Check Point RealSecure IDS works in conjunction with Check Point FireWall-1 and VPN-1  
  ClickNet Security Technologies Corp. San Jose, Calif. clicknet.com Server-based product, entercept, focuses on protecting computer operating systems and applications  
  Computer Associates International Inc. Islandia, N.Y. cai.com eTrust intrusion detection product is part of eTrust suite  
  CyberSafe Corp. Seattle cybersafe.com Centrax software combines host- and network-based IDS, and includes network node intrusion detection  
  Internet Security Systems Inc. Atlanta iss.net Provides integrated host- and network-based IDS  
  Intrusion.com Inc. Richardson, Texas intrusion.com Offers SecureNet Pro and the Kane family of IDS products  
  Network Flight Recorder Inc. Rockville, Md. nfr.net Offers customizable IDS, network monitoring and analysis tools; NASA plans to deploy NFR technology  
  Network ICE Corp. San Mateo, Calif. networkice.com ICEcap Security Suite for B2B and corporate environments  
  PGP Security (a Network AssociatesInc. business) Santa Clara, Calif. pgp.com Products include Gauntlet Firewall, PGP, Data Security, CyberCop Scanner and Monitor  
  Raytheon Co. Lexington, Mass. raytheon.com, silentrunner.com SilentRunner is designed to detect threats from within an organization  
  Sanctum Inc. Santa Clara, Calif. sanctuminc.com Former Perfecto Technologies offers AppShield, an application-level IDS that prevents unauthorized application manipulation  
  Symantec Corp. Cupertino, Calif. axent.com Offers host- and network-based IDS through company acquisition of Axent Technologies  
  TripWire Inc. Portland, Ore. tripwire.com Based on the former freeware tool, product detects breaches by monitoring files for unauthorized changes  

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