Password management

For a buck a month (or more specifically, an $12 annual subscription) LastPass is hard to beat. It stores your website credentials securely online, logs you into sites automatically, and lets you also access your centralized login info using virtually any other desktop, browser, or mobile platform known to humankind thanks to an wide range of LastPass versions and plug-ins. LastPass also offers an extension that works with Android’s Dolphin Browser HD.

For $4.99, mSecure – Password Manager stores passwords -- and other kinds of sensitive information such as bank account and credit card numbers -- on your device with 256-bit Blowfish encryption. It also includes a strong password generator (you can get this feature stand-alone, and for free, with the company’s mPassGen) and a hint feature to help you remember your master password if you forget it. (Be careful with that, though.) mSecure- Password Manager can sync data with mSeven Software’s companion products for Windows and Mac systems.

For a free tool that can protect passwords and other sensitive data types, check out B-Folders – Sync and Secure.


Data encryption

It’s not quite ready for prime time, but Whisper Systems’ WhisperCore, currently in early beta is worth watching, as it provides full-disk encryption (as opposed to encrypting only selected types of data) for Android devices and installed SD cards, too. Currently, the beta only works with Google’s own Nexus S and Nexus One, but support for other devices is planned.

Also of interest from Whisper Systems are RedPhone, which offers encryption for voice calls using your regular phone number and the normal Android dialer, and TextSecure that does the same for text messages (it also stores received messages in encrypted form).

Joseph Moran is a veteran technology writer and co-author of Getting StartED with Windows 7 from Friends of Ed.