Job Title: Information Systems Security Manager

2009 average salary range: $96,250 – $130,500.

• The 2009 salary range is an increase of 5.3% over this job’s 2008 salary range, which was $88,000 – $127,500.

Add a salary increase for the following skills: 10% for CheckPoint Firewall administration; 12% Cisco network administration skills; and 10% for LINUX/UNIX administration.


Note: Since these numbers are national averages, adjust them based on your area of the country.

Salary levels are – approximately – 7% to 20% higher in the Northeast; about 5% higher in the South Atlantic (Florida to Delaware); average to modestly lower in the Midwest, Mountain west, and South; and 5% to 25% higher on the West coast.

IT salaries in large metropolitan areas are higher than the national average. For instance, in the following cities they are:

• Boston, MA: 30% higher

• Stamford, CT: 35% higher

• New York, NY: 41% higher

• Washington, DC: 30% higher

• Philadelphia, PA: 15% higher

• Atlanta, GA: 15% higher

• Miami, FL: 13% higher

• Chicago, IL: 23% higher

• Dallas/Houston, TX: 5% higher

• Irvine, CA: 22% higher

• Los Angeles, CA: 24% higher

• San Diego, CA: 17% higher

• San Francisco, CA: 35% higher

• San Jose, CA: 31% higher

• Seattle, WA: 18% higher

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Salary data courtesy of Robert Half Technology. To request a copy of the complete Robert Half Salary Guide, which includes salary ranges for more than 60 different job titles, in the U.S. and Canada, click here.