Security Trends: Archive: December 2015 

10 Cloud Security Predictions for 2016

Cloud security is top of mind for IT professionals in 2016, as organizations migrate more applications to the cloud.

6 Cybersecurity Insights from SC Congress

Cyber insurance and new approaches to security patches were among topics on the agenda at the recent SC Congress.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) = Security [VIDEO]

Software defined networking enhances security by creating micro-segmented networks that can provide isolation and limit the impact of data breaches.

UMass Masters Cyber Security Education

As threats mount, so too does the need for improved cyber security education.

Startup Spotlight: Bluebox Security's Mobile App Security

Bluebox Security's platform boosts mobile app security without making extra work for developers.

3 Facts about Sandbox-based Gateway Appliances

While sandbox-based gateway appliances provide generally good protection against malware, bad guys are finding new ways to circumvent them.