Security Trends: Archive: October 2015 

How VMI Can Improve Cloud Security

Virtual machine introspection (VMI) offers centralized VM management and other benefits that make it a strong option for cloud security.

Privacy by Design Does Not Sacrifice Security

Big Data needs big privacy, says privacy expert at SecTor Security conference.

CryptoLocker Spawns Endless, Awful Variants

CryptoLocker is the granddaddy of ransomware, and thieves are developing new and more dangerous variants of it.

Using Hadoop to Reduce Security Risks

Using Hadoop and advanced analytics is one option for detecting and deflecting cyber attacks.

Health Care Industry Susceptible to Cyber Attacks

Health care experiences 340 percent more security incidents and attacks than most other industries, finds Raytheon/Websense research.

Immunio Embeds Security Directly into Applications

Instead of bolting on security, Canadian startup takes an innovative approach that embeds security directly into apps.