Security Trends: Archive: August 2006 

Developing Security Policies: Rules vs. Risk

When dealing with security risk, does your policy leave you holding the bag?

Vendors Cry Foul Over Anti-Spyware Tests

Consumer Reports labs go in the opposite direction and don't use spyware to test anti-spyware software.

2006 CSI/FBI Survery, Part 2

It would stand to reason that organizations are learning from their past troubles by now. Then why are they getting smacked around by the same old security issues?

Beyond Fuzzing

In this eSecurity Planet guest column, Mu Security co-founder and CTO Kowsik Guruswamy says the evolution of security analysis has rendered simple fuzzing obsolete.

Summer Security Slowdown? Hardly

Microsoft buys Winternals, EMC and RSA get cozy and disaster recovery takes center stage.

HackBerry: RIM Mobile Device Shown Vulnerable

New software exploit could be first to target the popular BlackBerry e-mail device.

Hacking The Dead Cow

Yet another malware search engine debuts, but this one doesn't entirely rely on Google.

Browser Cache a Hacker Haven

Your browser's cache may be helping hackers to help themselves to your information.

Vista Security Mostly Invisible But Thorough

What you can't see in Vista is designed to keep malware from hurting you.

Firefox Is Doing So Well It's Now A Malware Target

Once again, don't open an attachment from an unknown source.

Who's Who in Antivirus Software?

Despite dominant players, this show has a big cast. Now if only people will use their products.