How to Limit Heartbleed Risk Today

What can you do to reduce your risk from Heartbleed? eSecurity Planet has got you covered.

Heartbleed Especially Risky for SMBs

Enterprises with IT security staffs should find it easy to implement the patch for the Heartbleed vulnerability. But small companies may struggle to protect their websites and customers, experts say.

ATMs on Windows XP: How Risky Is It?

Microsoft has ended official support for Windows XP. What does that mean for the security of the world's ATMs, most of which run XP?

Cyber Insurance Covers That? 7 Items You Might Not Know

Data breaches and data losses are just the beginning when it comes to cyber insurance. Policies may also cover such items as data forensics.

3 Tools for Enforcing Password Policies

User passwords are often a weak link in the corporate security chain. How can security pros make users adhere to strong password policies?

6 Steps for Fighting SQL Injection

Database usage is on the rise, as well as the applications that interconnect databases, meaning that SQL injection should still be a top concern for IT security pros.

How Can IT Respond to Cloud File Sharing Threat?

Don't hate Dropbox. New approaches are evolving to help security teams deal with threats posed by cloud file sharing in the enterprise.

Cyber Insurance: 6 Facts You Should Know

Protecting your data is one thing, but what about insuring it? If you are considering cyber insurance, here are some facts you need to know.

How to Respond to a Data Breach

Here are three do's and two don'ts for responding to a data breach.

How to Fight Malvertising Threat

Even security-conscious enterprises like Yahoo can be compromised by attacks in which ad servers are used to deliver malware. How can you fight this 'malvertising' threat?

When Data Breaches Boost Share Prices

Using incident management to respond to data breaches quickly and effectively can help ensure a company's stock price does not decline in the wake of a breach.

10 Bitcoin Security Tips

Bitcoins have the potential to revolutionize business payment transactions. But they also have some security shortcomings. Here are 10 tips for keeping Bitcoins secure.

6 Tips for Stronger Encryption

In the wake of revelations about NSA backdoors in encryption systems, organizations must do everything they can to ensure their encryption is as strong as possible.

December Data Breach Roundup: Theft Prevention, and More

Employee education can help prevent data breaches caused by the loss or theft of unencrypted devices, and employee monitoring is a key strategy for fighting insider theft.

Unwiped Mobile Devices a BYOD Risk

Just 16 percent of adults who use mobile devices for work wipe data from old devices when they get a new one. It's important to educate employees about the BYOD risks this creates.

How to Secure Digital Signatures

Hackers have found many ways to exploit digital certificates. What can you do to defend yourself against digital certificate risks?

Playing It Safe with BYOD

Employees want to bring their own devices (BYOD) to the office. But are some mobile devices more secure than others?

November Data Breaches: More Lessons Learned

In this second of two parts, we present more advice for security pros based on data breaches that occurred in November 2013, here focusing on how to fight hackers and malware.

November Data Breaches: Learn from Others' Mistakes

In this first of two parts, we look at what security professionals can learn from data breaches that occurred in November 2013.

BYOD Should Begin with Business Case

Despite the risks of not making security policies central to enterprise BYOD and mobility programs, many organizations are ignoring this best practice.

How to Prevent DNS Attacks

Hackers like the Syrian Electronic Army are finding weaknesses to exploit in the Domain Name System. Here's how to keep your organization from falling victim to a DNS attack.

How to Fight Social Engineering

As an annual contest shows, social engineering can be an effective way for hackers to obtain sensitive data. Training is one of the best ways to fight social engineering.

How to Evaluate Enterprise File Sharing Software

Dropbox lacks security features required by many enterprises. Here are tips for evaluating enterprise file sharing software, a good alternative for many companies.

How to Bake Better Security into Applications

Mobile and cloud-based apps create new vulnerabilities, which makes it more important than ever for developers to make their code more secure.

How to Offer Security Awareness Training That Works

Want employees to pay attention to security awareness training? Make it accessible, pervasive and targeted to your audience.