Buying Guides: Archive: October 2011 

The Safe Traveler's VPN Shopping Guide

Virtual private networks will keep your data safe from prying eyes. You can do it yourself but there are also plenty of service providers just waiting to sign you up, as well.

Why iOS 5 Matters to the Enterprise

iOS 5 offers a lot of the features IT security admins have longed – driving Apple ever deeper into the enterprise.

8 iOS Security Apps for Jailbroken Devices

Want to get more out of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and be secure? Read on.

Sourcefire Accelerates IPS to 40 GbE

Intrusion prevention scaled to 40 gigabit Ethernet as demands continue to rise.

Review: Kaspersky Adds Cloud, Smartphones to Its Updated Offering

The first major overhaul in four years of Kaspersky's business antivirus software, Kaspersky Business Space Security, is out.