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Packets' Place in Network Security

Enterprises have long relied on network monitoring tools to troubleshoot connectivity problems. The same tools have evolved into an important way to ensure networks are secure.

3 Tools for Enforcing Password Policies

User passwords are often a weak link in the corporate security chain. How can security pros make users adhere to strong password policies?

Review: KnowBe4 Compliance Manager

While KnowBe4 Compliance Manager does not makes tasks associated with regulatory compliance enjoyable, reviewer Matt Sarrel finds the software does make them less onerous.

Top Apps for Boosting Mobile Security

Carriers of both iOS and Android mobile devices can improve their mobile security with apps that offer help with password management, encryption and other security best practices.

SAML Promises to Boost Cloud Security

IT administrators are struggling to deal with the implications that cloud services have on security. SAML and related technologies such as single sign-on can help.

Zscaler Shifts to DNS to Protect Enterprises

Sometimes a full Web proxy is too much, and all you need is DNS re-direction to provide security.

Buying Guide: Big Data Apps for Security

A growing number of vendors are offering Big Data-driven security solutions that can help prevent data breaches before they happen. We look at four such solutions.

Review: GreenSQL Database Security

Business databases are the holy grail for hackers. Matt Sarrel reviews some products from GreenSQL that help protect databases.

Securing Apps Starts with Code: Sonatype

Sonatype's updated component lifecycle management solution takes aim at the risk of vulnerable open-source software components.

Virtual Appliances Boost Network Security

Unified security appliances help enterprises manage multiple security services, but keeping such devices up to date while incorporating scale is a challenge. Can virtualization help?

13 Hot Security Startups to Watch

There is always a batch of enterprise security startups with clever technologies poised to be purchased by Infosec giants. Here are 13 interesting security startups to keep an eye on.

Apple iOS7 Management vs. MDM

Though Apple has added MDM-like features to iOS7, many enterprises will find they still need third-party mobile device management solutions.

Review: HyTrust Appliance 3.5

Reviewer Matt Sarrel finds HyTrust Appliance 3.5 an easy-to-use, hardware-based solution for mitigating security risks associated with virtualization.

Review: Avira Free Android Security

Reviewer Matt Sarrel says Avira Free Android Security shows that simple device security does not require an expensive product only enterprises can afford.

How Big Data Analytics Can Boost Network Security

While Big Data analytics will probably never replace existing network security measures like IPS and firewalls, it can help reveal breaches that might otherwise have gone undetected.