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Managed Services: A Security Problem and Solution

Almost any IT function can be purchased as a service, even security. We look at security issues posed by managed services, and the shortcut to comprehensive IT security that managed security services providers offer.

Cyber Insurance: Insuring Your Data When Protecting It Fails

Cyber insurance could be the difference between staying in business or shutting down for good because of a data breach.

Application Firewalls: Protecting Web Applications from Attacks

Application firewalls are a critical security layer between web traffic and your application server. Learn how WAF technology stops attacks and who the top vendors are.

CASB 101: How Cloud Access Security Brokers Can Make Your Data More Secure

More companies are moving sensitive data to the cloud, increasing the need to secure that data. One popular approach is called a cloud access security broker, or CASB. Find out more about CASB technology and products here.

Sophos Intercept X Brings an End to Ransomware

Intercept X from Sophos brings a bandolier of silver bullets to the ransomware fight, leaving cybercriminals scattering for cover.

TrackVia Combines Low-Code Apps with Security Best Practices

The drive to digital transformation encourages use of low-code application development platforms, but these tools often overlook security, leaving enterprises exposed to unknown threats. TrackVia injects security back into the application development equation using a low-code platform that speeds development yet institutes protection.

NetMotion Leverages Software-Defined Trend to Secure Mobile Devices

NetMotion Mobility combines provisioning, governance and security into a package any network admin could love.

Single Sign-On Buying Guide

Deploying a single sign-on system can improve productivity and lead to better password hygiene, but it also carries some risks.

3 Noteworthy Windows Server 2016 Security Features

Enhanced OS security is often little more than marketing hype, but Microsoft's new Windows Server 2016 features really move the security needle.

Top SIEM Vendors and Other Buying Advice

Security incident and event management (SIEM) products are no longer just for large enterprises. This article will help determine if SIEM is for you.

Guide to Getting the Right Single Sign-on Solution

Single sign-on solutions help users cope with password pressures by enabling a single authentication event to offer access to multiple applications.

Selecting a Threat Risk Model for Your Organization, Part Two

In the second of a two-part series on threat risk models, we look at Trike, MIL-STD-882E and OCTAVE.

Patch Management Software Buyer's Guide

Patch management software automates patch management, one of the most important security tasks in any organization.

7 Full Disk Encryption Solutions to Check out

Full disk encryption software offers valuable protection for data on laptops. These seven FDE solutions are worthy of consideration.