The FireBall CyberProtection Suite from RedCannon Security is aimed at securing individual laptop or desktop PCs with multiple layers of security protection, integrated within a single newly developed system.

FireBall combines a personal firewall, intrusion detection, privacy controls, vulnerability assessment, parental controls and IPSec virtual network client in a single software package that retails for $49.95.

The product's developers are experienced enterprise security professionals who saw a need for an integrated set of protections for the average computer user.

"To buy different security packages and make them all work together is a pain, even for an experienced security professional," says Vimal Vaidya, founder of CEO of RedCannon. "We figured a bundled security suite with an intuitive user interface was the right product for the market, so that's why we started the company."

FireBall targets vulnerabilities in the operating system, applications and the TCP/IP network stack. When the product installs, the vulnerability assessment is performed. The user configures the mail client, Web browser and messenger software. Firewall security is set to high, medium or low. Filters can be set up for Web sites, email messages and advertising.

The user can set up multiple profiles for different users of the computer, restricting access to Web sites and applications as appropriate, and setting time parameters for how long a user (such as a child) can use applications. Logging features can be set to record Web site visits and application usage. Intrusion detection features identify and block Internet attacks and Trojan horse programs by signaling an alert, describing the attacker and identifying the type of attack.

The IPSec VPN Client supports leading corporate VPNs including those from Checkpoint, Netscreen and Cisco.

The company has plans to offer enterprise security software in the future. The product can be downloaded off the RedCannon Web site and will be available in retail outlets in August.