Users expect their Web browsers to work rather than crash or break functionality -- especially after they update to a newer, supposedly better, version.

Yet that's what happened with Mozilla's Firefox update, released two weeks ago. In addition to providing fixes for old security issues, it introduced new problems, which Mozilla has addressed in Firefox

But none of the fixes in Firefox is related to security, which is a first for the open source company. Instead, the update addresses a smattering of serious issues, among the most critical of which triggers a crash on startup for some Windows XP and Vista users.

Another bug addressed in the update upholds Firefox's promise to install add-ons or extensions. According to the Bugzilla report, add-ons or extensions do not update or install upon a Firefox restart, despite promises to do so. This results in the add-on or extension no longer working.

The release also restores Java functionality to Windows Vista users who had been left with "Java Not Found" or "Java Not Working" messages after updating to

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