Patches: Archive: June 2012 

Open Source PHP and Ruby on Rails Updated for Security

Busy week of patching continues as programming languages and frameworks get patched for security vulnerabilities.

Oracle and Apple Update Java - and So Should You

Is your Java up to date? Check now. Even Apple has updated this time. You have been warned.

Microsoft Patches Pwn2Own IE Flaw, Revokes Digital Certs

The June Patch Tuesday release addresses 26 unique vulnerabilities and closes the untrusted certificate loophole exploited by the Flame malware.

The Hidden Security Risks of Legacy Software

Upgrading old software is often a painful and costly process. But deferring those upgrades could be potentially catastrophic for your business.

Adobe Patches Critical Flash Player Security Flaws

The vulnerabilities could enable an attacker to take control of a system, according to the company.

Adobe Releases Free Patches for Photoshop, Illustrator Security Flaws

The patches were promised a month ago, after the company first said the only way to protect against the flaws would be to pay for an upgrade.