Patches: Archive: August 2011 

Defending Against The 'Apache Killer' Exploit

An HTTP attack emerged this week against Apache Web servers; but just because there is an attack in the wild, doesn't mean you have to be defenseless.

Is Chrome More Secure Thanks to Adobe?

Ever wonder why Google Chrome gets emergency Flash updates faster than anyone else?

Google Updates Chrome 13 for 11 Flaws

Rare 'Critical' flaw identified in Chrome browser.

How Adobe is Improving Security

Adobe Reader and Flash are among the most targeted applications by attackers but Adobe has a plan in motion to stop them for good.

Adobe Updates for August Vulnerabilities

Adobe issued five update advisories for flaws in Flash, Shockwave, Photoshop and RoboHelp.

Microsoft Patches 22 Security Holes

Microsoft posted 13 security patches on Tuesday, although only two are rated 'critical' on the company's four-tiered severity scale.