Patches: Archive: October 2010 

Mozilla Patches Firefox for Nobel Flaw

Mozilla rushes out critical security patch as next generation Firefox 4 browser is delayed into 2011.

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Updated for Security Flaws

Firefox 3.6.11 fixes nine issues while Chrome 7 delivers ten fixes as security takes center stage for browser vendors.

Oracle Plugs Java for Drive-by Downloads with October CPU

Massive update covers long list of Oracle software including an update for 29 new security vulnerabilities in Java.

Microsoft Patches Nearly 50 Security Holes

In what is certainly one of the largest patch releases in Microsoft's history, the company released some 49 bug fixes on Tuesday.

Microsoft Promises Busy Patch Tuesday Next Week

Apparently there will be no let up in the need to patch security flaws in Microsoft's products as the company readies another big batch of bug fixes for October.