Patches: Archive: June 2010 

Adobe Shores Up Security Holes in Reader, Acrobat

The updates fix more than a dozen known exploits, including a PDF vulnerability that hackers were using to usurp control of users' computers.

Mozilla Updates Firefox Crash Protection

Firefox 3.6.6 is rushed out to fix stability issues experienced by some users as a result of last week's update.

Google Updates Chrome for Security and Adobe Flash

In the second update of the month, the newly released stable edition of Google's browser patches security vulnerabilities while throwing in Flash integration, to boot.

Apple Updates Mac to OS X 10.6.4 for Security

Dozens of security fixes are made in the latest Snow Leopard update from Apple, and a few feature fixes, too.

Microsoft: Patch for Office XP Flaw 'Infeasible'

How does Microsoft plan to handle a validation flaw in Windows XP that's not covered by its monthly Patch Tuesday series of fixes? ‘Fix It,’ of course.

Adobe Preps Crucial Flash Fix

Adobe Systems says it will issue an important patch for an exploit to its popular Flash Player later this week, and fixes for Reader and Acrobat by month's end.

Microsoft Fixes Three 'Critical' Security Holes

With only three "critical" vulnerabilities to patch in June, you'd think that it was going to be an easy week for system administrators -- but you'd be wrong.

Microsoft Releases Patches for Silverlight

The software giant patches several bugs in Silverlight 4.0, the latest major release of the streaming media client.