Patches: Archive: April 2010 

Microsoft Scrambles to Patch New SharePoint Security Hole

New zero-day flaw could enable attacks on Microsoft's SharePoint Server if a user clicks a booby-trapped link, giving new meaning to the term SharePoint collaboration.

Oracle Updates Java for Critical Vulnerability

Days after a major security update, Oracle issues another patch for a critical Java flaw.

Apple Fixes Pwn2own OS X Vulnerability

The company addresses a security hole first uncovered by Charlie Miller last month, and provides some details about what had been at risk.

Oracle Updates Solaris (and Everything Else) for Security

Oracle's quarterly patch update integrates Sun technology for the first time and patches 47 vulnerabilities in total.

Microsoft Issues Five 'Critical' Patches

In a busy 'Patch Tuesday', Microsoft fixed 25 security flaws--mostly in Windows--with its latest patch drop, even fixing a nasty zero-day in the Help system.

Adobe Readies Security Update Service for Reader, Acrobat

Next week Adobe Systems will put its new updater service to the test when it releases the latest security updates for its popular Reader and Acrobat apps.