Patches: Archive: March 2010 

Microsoft to Patch Bugs in IE6 and IE7

Microsoft will ship a patch that fixes a new zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer 6 and 7, driven by the urgency of attacks in the wild--so who's at risk this time?

Apple Fixes 53 Security Vulnerabilities in Mac OS X

New Mac 10.6.3 update addresses a long list of security and stability issues.

Microsoft Issues Out-of-Band Internet Explorer Security Patch

Microsoft fixes a gaping security hole in Internet Explorer 6 and 7, plus tosses in fixes for nine other critical security flaws in the same out-of-band patch.

Google Hardens Browser Ahead of Critical Hacker Test

Google patches Chrome for eight vulnerabilities that could have left users at risk.

Microsoft Offers IE Exploit Workaround, Promises Patch

On the heels of a researcher releasing an exploit for a newly discovered security hole, Microsoft has vowed to deliver a speedy patch and to help out worried users.

Apple Updates Safari for 16 Flaws

More than half the Apple browser's security flaws are in the WebKit rendering engine, which is also used by Google's Chrome.

Hacker Releases Metasploit Exploit for IE Zero-Day Hole

What started as 'targeted' attacks may now expand into a full-blown pandemic, since a hacker figured out how to turn hints into a Metasploit exploit module.