Patches: Archive: January 2010 

Microsoft Warns About 17-Year-Old Windows Bug

Who's at risk from virtual DOS vulnerability?

Microsoft Ships Patch for Chinese Google Hack

But will a quick patch keep worried users from jumping ship?

Apple Intros 2010's First Mac OS Security Update

Mac users get Flash, audio, and printing updates for some very serious security issues.

Oracle Patches Two Dozen Flaws

First Oracle critical patch update of the year shows that databases are still very much at risk in 2010, though more so on Windows than on Linux.

Adobe Serves Up Critical Patch for Acrobat, Reader

Adobe finally released its cross-platform fixes for zero-day vulnerabilities in its popular Reader and Acrobat applications.

Patch Tuesday: One 'Critical' Fix and an Adobe Flash Warning

Microsoft shuts down one significant vulnerability in Windows 2000 SP4, while raising the flag on another old flaw -- this time, in Adobe Flash 6.

One Bug Fix Coming on Patch Tuesday

Tuesday's single patch is rated critical for Windows security--the highest level of Microsoft's four-tier security threat severity scale--only for Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4).