Open Source Security 

Heartbleed Especially Risky for SMBs

Enterprises with IT security staffs should find it easy to implement the patch for the Heartbleed vulnerability. But small companies may struggle to protect their websites and customers, experts say.

Review: GreenSQL Database Security

Business databases are the holy grail for hackers. Matt Sarrel reviews some products from GreenSQL that help protect databases.

Securing Apps Starts with Code: Sonatype

Sonatype's updated component lifecycle management solution takes aim at the risk of vulnerable open-source software components.

Linux Foundation Aims to Secure Internet of Things

The key to securing the Internet of Things could be in making sure that everything isn't actually connected to the Internet.

Is Docker the Future of Virtualization Security?

Video: Ben Golub, CEO of Docker, explains how Linux container technology presents a very different model for virtual security.

Oracle Patches 89 Security Flaws in July

Oracle's July Critical Patch Update includes 89 patches, which seems like a lot. Is it?

Inside the Bluebox Android Master Key Vulnerability

Are you at risk for an Android vulnerability that involves the verification process for the popular OS? Find out!

Can You Completely Secure Linux?

Top Linux security engineers address whether complete security can ever be achieved with the open source operating system.

What's Next for Mozilla Firefox Security?

What's new and what's coming that will secure the open source browser