Security News: Archive: June 2010 

Australian Sites Hacked

More than 200 web sites were recently vandalized.

Chrome Adds PDF Viewer for Improved Security

The viewer will be updated automatically along with the browser itself.

Cisco Wi-Fi Security Flaw Discovered

Core Security Technologies researchers have found a flaw in Cisco's Aironet 1200 Series Access Point.

Corsair Discloses Padlock 2 Security Issue

The vulnerability allows data to be accessed without authorization.

Foursquare Privacy Flaw Disclosed

Programmer Jesper Andersen recently discovered a privacy issue inherent in Foursquare's practice of publishing user check-ins.

Kraken Botnet Returns

The botnet has infected 318,058 machines since April.

Destination Hotels Hacked

Hackers recently broke into the company's payment processing system.

Facebook Extends Privacy Controls to Apps

Making good on its promise to Canadian privacy authorities, social networking giant Facebook said it has simplified the permission controls for users sharing data with third-parties.

Adobe Patches 17 Security Vulnerabilities

The updates released this week will replace the company's quarterly security update that was scheduled for July 13.

Top Cybersecurity Threat Is Customers, Experts Say

Educating consumers presents issues, but with business, government, and individuals all working together, panelists were optimistic about our cyber security future.

Open Source is Inherently More Secure, Says Red Hat

At the Red Hat Summit in Boston last week, Josh Bressers, a senior security engineer at Red Hat, explained why open source really is the best model for building secure software.

US Tops Global Spammers

More than 20 percent of all spam came from the US during May 2010.

Hackers Target Non-PC Devices

The devices already vastly outnumber PC workstations.

McAfee Serves Up Cloud Security Suite

New cloud-based security service helps protect companies from malware without the need for any on-premise software or hardware.

PNG Reference Library Patches Security Vulnerabilities

Versions 1.2.44 and 1.4.3 were recently released for the libpng reference library.

FTC Halts Ongoing Cybercrime

The scam had resulted in the theft of $9.5 million over four years.

Eminem's Death Used as Malware Bait

False rumors of the rapper's death are being used to spread malware.

Norton Anti-Virus Overreacts to Firefox Update

The software responded to the installation of Firefox 3.6.6 with a malware alert.

Password Protection Foils FBI

Brazilian police, working with the FBI, have been unable to access a Brazilian banker's encrypted files.

Hackers Steal $465,000 from Escrow Firm

The money was stolen via 26 consecutive wire transfers.

HP Expands TippingPoint Security

First new releases debut after HP's 3Com acquisition, but full integration of the two companies' products is still a work in progress.

White House Releases Draft of Online ID Security Plan

The National Strategy for Trusted Initiatives in Cyberspace (NSTIC) describes an "identity ecosystem" that promotes security, privacy and a consolidation of the various login credentials users maintain to access online services.

Chrome Update Patches Security Vulnerabilities

Version 5.0.375.86 patches five vulnerabilities, three of them critical.

Google Uses Android Security Feature to Remove Apps

The apps were proof-of-concept programs developed by a security researcher.

Database Gaffe Exposes Florida Student, Faculty Data

Thousands of students and dozens of faculty members had their names, social security numbers and other PII exposed for months before officials locked down an unsecured database.

SSL Certificates In Use Today Aren't All Valid

New study examines 119 million domain names to discover some surprising results into how many are using SSL properly.

Atlanta Tops Malware Infections

A recent study by Enigma Software determined which US cities have the highest malware infection rates.

No Jail for Celebrity Twitter Hacker

Francois Cousteix received a five-month suspended sentence.

Comodo Warns of VeriSign Security Issues

The company says its competitor's practice of publicly exposing web pages used to process security certificates puts its customers at risk.

White House Plans Identity Theft Prevention System

The aim is create an Identity Ecosystem 'where individuals, organizations, services, and devices can trust each other.'

Congressmen Question Apple's New Privacy Policy

Edward J. Markey and Joe Barton have asked Apple to explain the changes by July 12.

Scammers, Spammers Target 'Doctor Who' Fans

Sunbelt Software researcher Christopher Boyd says fans of the TV show are being targeted in several different ways.

Cisco: Use of Unauthorized Devices a Growing IT Headache

A survey of IT professionals finds the growing use of iPhones and other personal mobile devices on corporate networks poses a security problem.

Twitter, FTC Reach Settlement on Privacy

The company's security program will be examined by an outside auditor every other year for 10 years.

Twitter XSS Security Flaw Discovered

The vulnerability could be used to spread malware via Twitter.

Teens Arrested for Involvement in Cybercrime Forum

The forum had almost 8,000 members who traded malware, tutorials and stolen banking data.

Hacker Accused of Threatening VP Faces Decades in Jail

Barry Ardolf is accused of sending threatening emails to Joseph Biden via his neighbor's Wi-Fi network.

Anthem Blue Cross Cops to Massive Data Breach

The Social Security numbers and medical records of more than 230,000 members are exposed after the health insurer failed to secure its corporate website.

Adobe to Patch Security Flaw in Reader, Acrobat

The patches will be released two weeks ahead of the company's normal schedule.

EU Privacy Supervisor Objects to Bulk Data Transfer

Peter Hustinx says transfers of banking data should be filtered so that only relevant data is sent.

Apple's iOS 4 Hacked

The iPhone's new operating system has already been hacked.

Hacker Charged with Porn Extortion

Luis Mijangos has been accused of hacking into computers and demanding sexually explicit videos from female victims.

Security Breach at Florida International University

Personal data on almost 20,000 students and faculty members may have been exposed online.

A Look at the Smart Grid Security Market

Pike Research anticipates that $21 billion will be invested in smart grid system security over the next five years.

World's No. 1 Hacker a Plagiarist?

Large sections of the e-book appear to have been stolen from other writers.

New Virtual and Appliance Offerings from Core Security

The Core Insight Enterprise platform, now in beta, provides an automated test bed that builds on the Core Impact penetration testing application to test IT security.

Panda Infects iPad

PandaLabs researchers have demonstrated a malware infection on a jailbroken iPad.

Consumers Don't Trust Retail Security

A Guardium survey finds that retailers are the least trusted entity in the world.

Privacy Issues with Android Apps

SMobile Systems warns that one in five Android applications give a third party access to private data.

RSA Partners with Endpoint Security Firm

The partnership is aimed at helping companies better manage sensitive data.

Cyveillance Offers Social Media Security

The company's Secure Social Media Management offering provides professional review and consulting regarding social media policies.

Twitter Settles Security Complaint With FTC

Microblogging service Twitter agrees to settlement with Federal Trade Commission regarding high-profile security breaches that dogged the site in early 2009.

Mozilla Firefox 3.6.4 Delivers Stability and Security

Out-of-Process plug-in support comes to open source Web browser, providing new crash protection for Linux and Windows users.

.Org Signed for DNSSEC

A major milestone as the first major top-level domain is now secured with DNSSEC. But the process of securing all .org domains isn't done -- yet.

Israeli Twitter Accounts Hacked

More than 1,000 Twitter accounts were hacked during a 12-hour period.

Apple iOS 4 Patches 65 Security Vulnerabilities

The latest version of Apple's iPhone operating system is only available for the second and third generation iPod touch, and the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Australia Considers Compulsory Anti-Virus, Firewall Software

A new report from the Standing Committee on Communications suggests that users should be required to install anti-virus and firewall software before their Internet connections are activated.

Majority of Companies Face XP SP2 Security Issues

A Softchoice survey found that 77 percent of companies are still using the soon-to-be-retired Windows XP SP2.

Palo Alto Intros GlobalProtect Security Solution

The application applies firewall policies to users regardless of their location.

Trustwave Buys Breach Security

Trustwave will continue to sell and support Breach Security's firewall solution.

Apple Adjusts Privacy Policy

The new policy allows the company, its partners and its licensees to 'collect, use, and share precise location data.'

Firefox Security Flaw Discovered

The flaw can allow an attacker to inject arbitrary code into a newly opened window or tab.

New Mobile Security for iOS 4

As Apple rolls out the new mobile platform iOS 4 this week, mobile management firms are unveiling new services to support the OS that focus on mobile security.

Vendors Take Two Days to Block New Malware

Leading security software takes an average of 45.8 hours to block malicious Web sites.

Good Intros iPhone Security Solution

The company's new iPhone Management offering provides complete compliance management functionality for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Registrars Accused of Supporting Cybercrime

A report contends that the growing trade in illegal pharmaceuticals is being enabled by Internet registrars.

VPN Security Flaw Discovered

The vulnerability only affects VPN implementations that are using IPv6.

Opera Update Patches Four Security Holes

Details of the flaws have not yet been released.

US Government Recruits Young Security Experts

The government, educational institutions, and military contractors are looking for the next generation of cyber security pros.

Kaspersky Warns of Mobile Malware

The security firm's mobile research group manager says the growing popularity of smartphones is driving a surge in mobile malware.

Facebook Defends Privacy Policies

In response to an open letter from privacy advocacy groups, Facebook has published an open letter of its own.

Cisco Drops Security Agent

The last copies will be shipped in March 2011.

California's Chief Information Security Officer Quits

Mark Weatherford is leaving to become vice president and CSO of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

Security Breach Hits UK Police

Confidential documents were left unsecured in a squad car parked overnight on a residential street.

UK Hacker Gets 20-Month Sentence

Alistair Peckover was sentenced after pleading guilty to two counts of fraud.

Cyber Attack Hits Turkish Censors

Several Turkish government web sites have been taken offline.

Firefox Extension Adds Security Everywhere

The extension encrypts most or all communications on several web sites.

Government Emails Deliver Trojan

The emails contact a malicious file named report.exe.

Mac Update Adds Malware Protection

A recent update to OS X secretly added protection against a Trojan.

ICANN Maps Out Internet Defense

The domain name system’s managing body pushes DNSSEC as the way forward to make the Internet a safer place for all.

New Twitter Cyber Attack Uncovered

Trend Micro's Rik Ferguson discovered the JavaScript security attack.

UK Consumers Seek Online Ticket Security

VeriSign researchers says customers actively look for sites that show strong security credentials.

Canon Exec Discusses Printer Security Risks

The company's director of information security says the answer is to install an encrypted hard drive.

Samba Update Patches Security Vulnerability

All versions from 3.0.x to 3.3.12 are affected.

Immunet Updates Cloud Security Solution

Version 2.0 adds new scanning tools, detection engines and support.

UK MP's Twitter, Facebook Accounts Hacked

Therese Coffey says she's had particular trouble regaining control of her Twitter account.

Spammers Love Father's Day

The volume of Father's Day spam is growing rapidly as June 20th approaches.

Hackers Aren't Focused on Critical Insfrastructure

A security researcher says hackers aren't trying to shut down the nation's power grid -- they're focused elsewhere.

Microsoft Sues Spammers Who Abused Its Spam Filters

In yet another move to take a bite out of cybercrime, Microsoft's Digital Crime Unit sues over one of the largest spam attacks ever.

DNSSEC Key Signing Designed to Make the Internet More Secure

A critical milestone in the history of Internet security happened this week at a "key signing" ceremony. Are we all now safer as a result?

Microsoft and E-Fraud Group Aim to Stop ID Theft

New app helps to cut down on phishing, ID theft, and account compromises by letting investigators quickly report stolen credentials and credit card numbers.

GlobalSCAPE Bets on Cloud for Managed File Transfer

San Antonio-based GlobalSCAPE has partnered with Rackspace Hosting to provide its Enhanced File Transfer Server as a subscription.

Privacy Groups Target Facebook

A coalition of privacy groups has outlined several Facebook features that continue to jeopardize user privacy.

Security Flaws Threaten Smart Meters

Hackers could potentially steal customer data and even cause widespread outages.

Social Security Administration Puts Beneficiaries' Data at Risk

The SSA's Inspector General says the use of unencrypted CDs to transport data is widespread.

Windows XP Zero-Day Exploit Spawns Attacks

So-called "limited" attacks have appeared since a security researcher revealed a hack that could put Windows XP users at risk of attack.

Can Federal Data Privacy Live On in the Cloud?

White House IT officials have been exuberantly talking about moving government IT to the cloud, and the process is already in motion, but federal privacy officers are speaking up.

Ipswitch Buys MessageWay for File Transfer Security

The company hopes to reach markets that require MFT solutions for sensitive information transfer.

Spam Prevention Group Wins Court Victory

A judgment against Spamhaus was cut from $11.7 million to $27,002.

VeriSign Taps Growing SSL Certification Market

Soon to be part of Symantec, VeriSign's SSL security certification business is growing as the need for SSL continues.

Cyber Attacks Hit Eastern European Banks

A next-generation exploitation kit is being used to target banks in Russia and the Ukraine.

The Security Risks of Online Porn

Malware distribution is a profitable sideline for the porn industry.

Phishing Data Found on Paraguayan Government Site

For a phishing gang, one server is as good as another.

HHS Warns of Medicare Data Theft Scams

The agency has established a fraud alert web site describing scams that have already been reported.

AVG Launches Free Online Security Product for Mac

The product ensures that web pages are secure enough that personal information can be entered safely.

AT&T Security Flaw Exposes iPhone User Data

Customers were mistakenly logged into other users' accounts.

Hackers Exploit Windows XP Vulnerability

Microsoft says there has been 'limited exploitation' of the unpatched flaw.

UK Government Counts on RIM for Mobile Security

The government has banned the use of iPhones for official business.

Lieberman Racing to Mark Up Cybersecurity Overhaul

Committee leadership races to bring major cybersecurity legislation that would expand White House and DHS authority over private sector to a markup.

Apple Update Patches 28 Security Flaws

The update is rated highly critical.

Symantec Expands Free Online Security Service

The company's Norton Online Family service is now available in 25 languages.

New Cyber Attack Targets Facebook Users

A new clickjacking attack is currently targeting users of the social networking site.

Security Flaw Found in Linux IRC Server

A backdoor, which had been there since 2009, was recently discovered in the Linux version of the UnrealIRCd server.

AT&T Wants Jail for iPad Hackers

The company says it's planning to seek prosecution of the hackers who recently exposed 114,000 iPad users' email addresses.

Dell Touts Ubuntu Security

The company is telling customers that Ubuntu is a safer operating system than Windows.

Senators Intro Cyber Security Bill

Joseph Lieberman, Susan Collins and Tom Carper recently introduced the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010.

Kaspersky Offers Free Download of Mobile Security 9

The company is making its smartphone security solution available for free throughout the 2010 World Cup.

AMTSO Issues Anti-Virus Testing Guidelines

The organization has published two sets of guidelines for testing security software.

Sophos Launches Free iPhone Security Info App

The company has introduced a new app designed to help users stay aware of new threats.

Hacker Accused of Cyber Attack on Biden

Barry Ardolf has been charged with using his neighbor's Wi-Fi network to send threatening emails.

New Secure Erasure Option for VTLs

Sepaton is positioning Secure Erasure, an optional software feature ($5,000 per node), as a cost-effective way to comply with data destruction policies.

FBI Investigates iPad Security Breach

The hackers insist they did nothing illegal.

UK Cybercrime Police Budget Slashed

The budget for the Police Central eCrime Unit has been cut by 30 percent.

Five CA Hospitals Fined for Security Breaches

The fines, for failing to protect patient data, total $675,000.

Wireless Security Measures Planned for G8, G20 Summits

Government officials may temporarily block wireless signals during the upcoming summits.

FCC Issues Warning, FBI Investigates iPad Breach

Alarmed at the recent exposure of more than 100,000 iPad users' data, FCC issues a warning on cybersecurity. Meanwhile, AT&T seeks to reassure customers that all's well.

Calif. Hospitals Hit With Stiff Data Security Fines

Five California hospitals were fined a total of $675,000 last week by the state's Department of Public Health for failing to prevent unauthorized access to patients' data.

Security Company Buys UK Online Backup Provider

Trend Micro has acquired online backup and data synchronization company humyo.

Researchers Develop Automated Social Cyber Attack

The proof-of-concept tool tricked users into clicking on malicious links sent via chat 76 percent of the time.

Drupal Clarifies Security Update Policy

Modules in release-candidate mode will not be supported.

A Look at World Cup IT Security

The information security for the FIFA World Cup has been a work in progress for years.

DHS Network Fails Security Audit

A federal audit determined that the Department of Homeland Security's network doesn't have the appropriate level of security.

Problems with Postini Spam Prevention

Users experienced service disruptions earlier this week.

Experts Urge Increase in UK Security Breach Fines

Industry experts say the current £500,000 fine won't motivate companies to protect sensitive data.

Check Point Expands Data Security Portfolio

The company has acquired document encryption provider Liquid Machines.

Google Researcher Publishes Microsoft Zero Day Flaw

A company security engineer published the attack code just five days after reporting it to Microsoft.

Australia Shifts Cyber Security Strategy

The Australian government will stop supporting AusCERT, replacing it with CERT Australia.

Twitter Preps Link Shortener for Better Security

The service will be rolled out to all users within the next few months.

Mexican Botnet Self-Destructs

The Tequila botnet appears to have been dismantled by its owners.

Microsoft Warns of Security Flaw in Windows XP

Windows XP may be nine years old but, as the most popular version of Windows, it leaves a lot of users in a precarious position when a serious security hole pops up.

Hackers Expose iPad User Data

A group of hackers recently accessed the e-mail addresses of approximately 114,000 iPad users.

India Checking Chinese Shipments for Spyware

All telecom equipment imported from China will be inspected for software that could be used to monitor transmissions.

Fake YouTube Sites Serve Malware

Attempting to play the videos on the sites installs a downloader Trojan.

SMS Cybercrime Gang Busted

Malaysian police have busted a group accused of stealing almost $2 million.

Google Pays Record $2,000 for Security Vulnerability

The amount is only awarded for vulnerabilities which are particularly critical.

Phishing, Malware Spam Disguised as Twitter Updates

E-mails that appear to come from Twitter lead victims to malware and phishing sites.

Facebook Teams With PTA in Online Safety Push

World's leading social network partners with PTA to promote online safety, pledges $1 million to the cause.

AT&T Gaffe Exposes 114,000 iPad E-Mail Accounts

The security hole that allowed at least one organization to access e-mail accounts belonging to iPad owners including Michael Bloomberg and Rahm Emanuel has been closed, AT&T says.

HP, Symantec Extend Security Pact to Safeguard PCs

Leading security software vendor and the world's largest computing company announced a multi-year deal that will keep Norton Internet Security on all HP PCs for free for 60 days.

Sophos Launches New Security Products

Three new technologies have been added to the company's Endpoint Security and Data Protection offering.

Privacy Flaw Found in Garmin Connect

The service shares users' GPS data online by default.

BofA Employee Admits to Data Theft

Brian Matty Hagen recorded customer information, then tried to sell it to an undercover FBI agent.

Olympus Camera Comes with Malware

Over 1,700 Stylus Tough 6010 digital cameras were shipped with malware on the included memory card.

Truedomain Launches Phishing Prevention Service

The new service is designed to protect domain names from fraud and abuse.

MAD Plans Enterprise Smartphone Security Solution

A beta of Mobile Active Defense Enterprise Unified Threat Management will launch later this month.

Satellite Supplier Buys Hard Drive Security Firm

ViaSat acquired Stonewood for $20 million.

Porn and Malware

A recent study examined the wide range of techniques porn site operators use to make money.

Hackers Infect Jerusalem Post

Sophos has identified the strain of malware on the newspaper's site as Behav-290.

Slow Chat with Microsoft on June 14th

Here's your chance to ask experts from and Microsoft questions about the new features and versions of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0

Google Updates Chrome for Security, IE

Nine highly critical flaws get patched in Chrome as Google's Chrome Frame hits beta.

Cyber Attack Hits Scottish Police

The web site for Scotland's Strathclyde Police has been temporarily disabled.

Mac-to-PC Switch Results in Security Lapse

Soon after David Green logged onto his company's online bank account using his wife's PC, almost $100,000 was stolen from the account.

Trend Micro Adds Virtualization Security

OfficeScan 10.5 is designed to provide virus protection for virual desktops.

Botnets Count on Security Through Omnipresence

Botnet operators no longer have to rely on stealth and creativity to hide from authorities.

Australia Investigates Google Wi-Fi Privacy Issue

The country's police are currently working to determine whether Google's wireless data collection activities violated privacy laws.

More Malware Targets Smartphones

The amount of malware and spyware found on smartphones has more than doubled in the past six months.

Twitter Malware Attacks Expand

Malicious posts are now using a wide variety of exploits and malware.

Cyber Attack Hits NYC Education Department

More than $644,000 was stolen from the department's online bank account.

Beware 'Doctor Who' Malware

Those looking for free copies of a new game should proceed cautiously.

HP Lands Air Force Cyber Defense Contract

HP will be providing infrastructure and applications integration for a Cyber Control System designed to provide strategic information and identify cyber threats for the USAF.

Welsh Security Breach Exposes Patient Data

A staff member recently sent an unencrypted USB drive containing patient data through the mail.

Vangent Privacy Breach Claim Denied

A federal appeals court has denied Joel Ruiz's claim regarding the exposure of his personal data.

Facebook Fixes Email Security Flaw

The flaw allowed search engines to index email addresses that weren't tied to member accounts.

Leading World Cup Security Risks

Lavasoft researchers have listed five key security risks tied to the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

OpenOffice Update Patches Security Flaws

The software suite has been updated to version 3.2.1.

Digital River Hacked

The attack exposed personal data on almost 200,000 individuals.

Adobe Warns of Critical Security Vulnerability

The company says the flaw is currently being exploited, and no official patch is yet available.

Insurer Denies Liability for Utah Security Breach

Colorado Casualty is refusing to reimburse the University of Utah for costs related to a 2008 breach.

Adobe Flash, PDF at Zero-Day Vulnerability Risk Again

Adobe warns of serious security flaws in flash and PDF that could be leaving millions of users open to attack.

Google Opens Up on Its Security Practices

New security white paper details Google's security practices for its cloud-based apps.

Spyware Vendor Settles with FTC

CyberSpy can no longer promote the fact that its software can be installed without the PC owner's consent.

Security Breach Exposes Kids' Medical Data

The UK's West Berkshire Council recently lost an unencrypted USB drive containing physical and mental health data.

Panda Expands Cloud Anti-Virus Offering

The company has added new security features, along with a Pro version.

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday to Fix 34 Vulnerabilities

Three of the 10 bulletins planned will be rated 'critical.'

Zuckerberg Defends Facebook Privacy

The company's CEO recently struggled to defend Facebook's privacy policies at the D8 Conference.

Malware Found on Samsung Wave Phones

A microSD card carrying a Trojan was shipped with some S8500 Wave smartphones.

OpenSSL Updates Patch Security Flaws

Versions 0.9.8o and 1.0.0a include important bug and security fixes.

Facebook Phishing Attack Promises Free iPad

The scam offers free iPads in return for filling in a questionnaire.

Cops, SIIA Bust Major Craigslist Piracy Duo

A pair of thieves who moved an enormous amount of counterfeit software applications through the online classified site have finally been busted.

Defense Dept. Cyber Chief Warns of Mounting Threats

Speaking publicly for the first time since his installation in the top spot of the Defense Department's Cyber Command, Gen. Keith Alexander emphasizes the severity of the danger.

Spammers Target World Cup Fans

The volume of spam related to the upcoming event in South Africa recently increased by 27 percent.

Hackers Target Windows 2000 Security Flaw

The attacks are targeting users who haven't installed a recent security update.

Red Dead Redemption Used as Rogue Anti-Virus Bait

The popular game is being used to trick victims into downloading fake anti-virus software.

Cyber Attack Hits Habbo Hotel

Several users' accounts were recently hacked.

Security Researchers to Demo Android Rootkit

Nicholas Percoco and Christian Papathanasiou will demonstrate the rootkit at the Defcon security conference.

Flaws Found in Security Inspection Tool

Raul Romero claims to have discovered three flaws in the Secunia Personal Software Inspector.

Mozilla Delays Firefox Security Update

A release candidate has been made available instead.

Security Concerns Cause Google to Quit Windows

According to a report in the Financial Times, Google began moving employees to other operating systems after its systems were hacked.

A New(er) Cyber Attack: SMS Blockers

The attacks force victims to send text messages to premium numbers.

Facebook Privacy Protest Fails

The protest only attracted about 34,000 of the site's hundreds of millions of users.

Mac Spyware Presents Serious Threat

The malware is now being distributed via popular download sites.

Following Malware Writers on Twitter

An increasing number of malware authors are now actively posting updates describing their work.

New Cyber Attack Hits Facebook

The clickjacking attack forced victims to recommend a series of links.

Trojan Targets Windows Mobile Gamers

A demo of the game '3D Anti-Terrorist Action' has been doctored to include a Trojan.

More Adobe Security Flaws Found

Details are being withheld until patches are available.

Deloitte Buys Security Specialist

The company recently announced the acquisition of IM Global.

Hackers Make a Mess of

Malware scamsters have weaseled their way into an unknown number of online gaming accounts on the popular Chinese entertainment site.

Espresso Chain Discusses Security Breach

The owner of Brew HaHa! describes the wide range of vulnerabilities that led to a series of recent security breaches.

SASFIS Trojan Variant Spotted

The disguised version of the Trojan was discovered by TrendLabs researchers.

FTC Delays Identity Theft Rule Enforcement

The Red Flags Rule had been scheduled to take effect on June 1.

BP's Twitter Account Hacked

The company's official account was recently hacked.

New iPhone Security Flaw Revealed

Researcher Bernd Marienfeldt has discovered that Ubuntu 10.04 offers full access to an encrypted iPhone.

Camino Update Patches Security Vulnerabilities

Version 2.0.3 of the browser closes a number of critical security holes.

Facebook's Privacy Director for Europe Now a Lord

Richard Allan is among the UK's new Liberal Democrat peers.

FBI Goes After 'Scareware' Scams

A new federal indictment exposes a common Internet scam--tricking users into thinking they've been infected with malware so they'll buy bogus security products from cybercriminals.

New OTP Solution Utilizes Mobile Phones

A cloud-based authentication specialist wants to make financial transactions more secure through the use of one-time password technology on mobile devices.

House Passes National Defense Authorization Act

An amendment included in the final version of the NDA act would install a permanent cybersecurity office in the White House and reshape government IT security compliance.

VMware Releases Security Updates

Several of the company's products have been updated.

UK Employment Sites Hacked and were recently attacked.