Security News: Archive: May 2010 

Data Theft Puts NC Employees At Risk

A pair of unencrypted DVDs storing names and social security numbers of current and former Charlotte, NC city employees has vanished into thin air.

Phishing Scam Targets Military Credit Unions

A pair of phishing sites masquerading as credit unions used by military servicemen and servicewomen has been stealing personal banking information for months.

Lawmakers Ask Google for Answers on Wi-Fi Data Snare

Three prominent representatives ask Google for answers about the scope of its Street View operation, which mistakenly collected Internet transmissions over open Wi-Fi networks.

Symantec Eyes Cloud Security for Smartphones, Internet Devices

The world's largest security software maker invested an undisclosed amount in Mocana, a San Francisco security firm that specializes in protecting connected devices beyond the PC.

New Meru Product Offerings Strengthen WLANs

This week, Meru announced four new Service Assurance applications, including its own WIPS.

Sourcefire Expands IPS App Awareness

IPS vendor re-engineers its core product to enable more rapid application awareness updates to better protect enterprise security.

Facebook CEO Admits Mistakes, Promises Improved Privacy

In his first public comments addressing the recent surge of criticism over changes to Facebook's privacy settings, Mark Zuckerberg says the company will release new controls.

Facebook Users On Lookout for 'Beach Babe' Malware

For the second weekend in a row, Facebook's 400 million-plus registered users are being targeted by a malware scam disguised as a video of attractive, scantily dressed women.

Federal Agencies Plead For Cybersecurity Ideas

As the administration continues its efforts to overhaul the federal government's approach to cybersecurity, agencies are launching an online portal asking for research proposals.

Verizon Business Rolls Out New Security-as-a-Service Portfolio

Verizon Business says SaaS will make it easier and cheaper for enterprise customers to log into corporate networks, share data from mobile devices and more.

Google Apologizes for Snaring Wi-Fi Data

Under pressure from German data-collection authorities, search giant confesses that its Street View cars have been inadvertently collecting unsecured network information.

Laptop, Medicaid Patients' Data Disappear

Nearly 10,000 citizens enrolled in New Mexico's Medicaid Salud plan had their social security numbers and other personal data exposed after an unsecured laptop was stolen.

Facebook Tightens Login Security Features

Leading social network Facebook is taking steps to improve authentication by blocking suspicious logins and providing users with enhanced notifications.

Mozilla Expands Plugin Checker for Rival Browsers

Effort to identify at-risk plugins moves beyond Firefox to include Internet Explorer and other browsers, but does it work?

Facebook Circles Wagons Amid Privacy Complaints

The world's biggest social network is calling an all-hands company meeting to discuss its growing image problem over its approach to privacy.

Security Firm Finds Gaps in Popular AV Software

Researchers at Matousec are warning that a kernel-level attack can be used by hackers to bypass leading security software applications for Windows-based PCs and devices.

Astaro Issues Flawed Firewall, Anti-Virus Updates

The update can block all Internet connections.

Twitter Bug Let Users Kidnap 'Followers'

Gadget site uncovers simple way to force other users to follow you, even big movie and TV stars, but Twitter staffers rush out a fix to the weakness in the system.

Yahoo Messenger Users Targeted By Clever Worm

Instant messaging fans using Yahoo Messenger have been infected by a worm that's disguised as a photo link from a member of a user's contact list.

Microsoft Debuts New Forefront Security Tools

Microsoft rolls out two new products for protecting customers' enterprise data through the use of multiple malware engines on SharePoint collaboration servers.

Security Forecast 'Cloudy' at Interop LV 2010

Faster network infrastructure pushes more virtualized services into the cloud, reshaping security risks and strategies.

Microsoft Calls for a Cybercrime Framework

Charged with improving Internet and software security, Microsoft's Scott Charney makes recommendations about how to better protect PCs and track down cyber criminals worldwide.

House Privacy Bill Arrives, Leaves Advocates Fuming

After more than a year of hearings and meetings, Reps. Rick Boucher and Cliff Stearns debut draft privacy legislation that would set parameters for online marketers.

FireEye Touts Next-Generation Malware Protection

New inline threat-prevention appliance incorporates integrated Malware-VM and Malware-Callback filters to inoculate networks.

Hospital Data Breach in Kentucky Affects Thousands

A flash drive storing patient names, birth dates, admission and discharge dates, as well as insurance information has gone missing from a Kentucky psychiatric hospital.