Network Security: Archive: June 2003 

Feinstein Seeks Hacker Notification Law

New bill would require consumers be notified when a database breach occurs and personal data has been compromised.

Report: Many Companies Lack Wi-Fi Security

Rushing to go wireless, many enterprises overlook the need to safeguard their data, according to a Jupiter Research report released at 802.11 Planet Conference & Expo today.

Nothing is Secret with Spyware Lurking in PCs

Workers sit in their offices thinking they're alone -- that no one is looking over their shoulders at corporate secrets. Think again. Spyware bots are sneaking into corporate PCs at an alarming rate, stealing information from emails, IMs, open applications and even tracking Web surfing habits.

Surfers Unaware of Data Collection

While privacy policies may not adequately protect personal information, some industries score higher than others.

Many WLANs Left Vulnerable, Report Says

More than half of all enterprises take only basic technological precautions -- or none at all -- to protect their wireless networks, according to a new Jupiter Research report.

Gates: Spam Must Be Stopped

In his second spam message in as many days, Microsoft's Bill Gates says spam is a serious problem but the federal government should tread carefully.

Microsoft Names Bank Exec as Chief Privacy Strategist

On the heels of a security gaffe within its flagship data platform, Microsoft recruits a banking executive with experience in data collection practices.

Cutesy Domain Names Making Online Fraud Easier

Best Buy's bogus e-mail fiasco is just the latest in classic online shell game: 'On the Internet, No One Knows Who You Are,' say experts.

Best Buy or Biggest Scam?

UPDATE: The electronics retailer is the latest victim of a scam plaguing e-commerce sites.

Hatch Suggests Destroying Illegal File Swappers' Computers

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman says it may be the 'only way' teach people about copyrights.

Employees Abusing Network Space Cause Legal Woes

Employees are misusing and wasting space on the corporate network. Storing email jokes, downloaded movies and pornography is not only sapping critical storage space, it's opening companies up to a litany of legal problems.

Spam Replaces Security as Top Messaging Priority

Spam has become such an obstacle on enterprise networks that battling it has replaced security as the top corporate priority when it comes to messaging.

"Hacking Exposed" Chat

Update: The 'go to' site for everything from removing grass stains to building beowulf clusters redently hosted a chat with the authors of 'Hacking Exposed'. Transcripts are available online.

Public Key Infrastructure: Invisibly Protecting Your Digital Assets

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) offers the opportunity to streamline your procedures for protecting and sharing sensitive and valuable information. As Beth Cohen and Debbie Deutsch report, when it comes to protecting your company's valuable digital assets, you owe it to yourself to investigate what doors PKI can open for you and your organization.

eBay's Schmidt Bullish on Security

After three weeks at his new job, the former White House Cyber Security czar predicts a 'zero-day exploit' period between discovery of a vulnerability and when it's exploited.

Feds Investigate Virus Attack on Financial Industry

The security community and the federal government are on alert for what could be another evolution in computer viruses. The newest variant of the Bugbear virus is designed to specifically target financial institutions.

Report: Secure IM Alternatives Growing

Companies are taking many steps and have a range of alternatives for securing Instant Messaging products and services from consumer-originated services from AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo, according to a new report.

Building Firewalls with iptables, Part 2

Exposing any system, no matter how briefly, to an untrusted network is suicidal. A firewall is absolutely vital, and fortunately, the Linux world offers an excellent free firewall utility in netfilter/iptables. Carla Schroder takes a deeper look at iptables with additional rules and scripts for basic firewalling and sharing Internet connections.

Microsoft Revs up Anti-Virus Assault

Redmond acquires an anti-virus software maker to help secure the Windows platform.

Bugbear in Line With Top Damaging Viruses

The Bugbear virus is taking its toll on networks around the world, causing between $1.6 billion and $1.9 billion worth of damage so far.

Security Spotlight Shines on SANs

In insecure times, security threats seem to be everywhere, and heightened security awareness is rampant. While SAN technology's rudimentary security managed to avoid scrutiny in its early days, it too is now coming under the security spotlight. What security threats exist today for storage area networks, and how can you protect your SANs from them?

The Emergence of Secure Content Management

Content has changed the requirements of enterprise security, exposing the fact that anti-virus software is no longer enough. Instead, a new market is emerging known as secure content management to address the need for policy-based Internet management tools.

Now Open: National Cyber Security Division

Strongly dependent on private sector cooperation, Homeland Security debuts new division dedicated to protecting nation's vital network infrastructure.

Draft Vuln Warning Guidelines Released

The Organization for Internet Safety (OIS) is proposing the use of binding arbitration as a way to resolve vulnerability reporting conflicts between vendors and security researchers.

IE Object Tag Buffer Overflow Patched

Microsoft releases another cumulative patch to fix new 'critical' security holes in the world's most widely used Web browser.

Robbing the (Data) Bank

Security concerns surface about centralized storage.

The Deadly Duo: Spam and Viruses, May 2003

Spam attacks increase another 6+ percent for the month, as the global ratio of unwanted messages in business e-mail breaks the 50 percent mark.

Microsoft Ties Security to VeriSign, Certifications

The company joins with VeriSign to bolster its Trustworthy Computing Initiative.

  • Microsoft Updates Roadmap, Delays Yukon
  • E-mail Virus Getting 'SoBig'