Malware: Archive: November 2011 

Finding Attack Patterns at the Digital Crime Scene

Using scientific methods, Symantec researchers aim to profile the IT threat landscape.

Sophos Warns of Malware in Postal Service E-mails

The e-mails come with attached ZIP files containing a Trojan.

Sourcefire Immunizes 2 Million PCs with Immunet

Leveraging open source ClamAV and the cloud, Sourcefire layers its antivirus tech on top of other vendors solutions.

New Facebook Worm Found

The worm links to malware-laden sites containing a variant of the Zeus Trojan.

Apache Server Hit by Reverse Proxy

Dangerous flaw puts internal Web servers at risk, but there is a fix in the works.

Law Enforcement Malware Leverages iTunes Vulnerability

The FinFisher spyware application exploits a flaw that was patched in iTunes 10.5.1.

Review: Sophos Endpoint Security

Focused solely on business customers, Sophos is made for small to midsize organizations.

Stuxnet Malware May Have Caused Deadly Explosion

The blast at an Iranian Revolutionary Guard missile base killed all attending technicians.

Backdoor Trojan Being Distributed via Facebook

A variety of messages lead to fake YouTube pages, where victims are tricked into downloading malware.

Chrome Gets 2nd Critical Fix in a Week

In a rare move, Google is updating Chrome for a single security fix.

Bitdefender Warns of Malware Disguised as Microsoft Office Tool

The fake version of Office Genuine Advantage is spreading via Yahoo Messenger.

DevilRobber Trojan Gets New Disguise

The new version is being distributed as the image-editing program PixelMator.

Up in the Cloud: Debating How to Secure iOS 5

iOS device level security really isn't an option but cloud-based network monitoring might be the way to go.

Ambulance System Disabled by Malware

St. John Ambulance dispatchers were unable to access mobile data and paging services, and were forced to use manual backup systems.

F-Secure Warns of Digitally Signed Trojan

The malware uses a code-signing certificate stolen from the Agricultural Research and Development Institute of Malaysia.

Review: 3 Free Bootable Rescue Discs

Any one of these discs can get your computer back on track.

Collective Intelligence Finds 200 Millionth Piece of Malware

Panda Security says its CI engine now detects 73,000 new malware strains a day.

5 iOS 5 Enterprise Security Considerations

You can't keep Apple out of the enterprise anymore so it's best to figure out the most secure way to embrace it, writes Dan Croft of Mission Critical Wireless.

Microsoft Issues Patch for Font Flaw, Not Duqu

November's Patch Tuesday update delivers four security advisories including a fix for a font issue that is similar to the one that enables the Duqu zero day attack.

NSS Labs Announces Free Duqu Malware Detection Tool

The tool is designed to detect all malicious drivers used by the new malware.

Microsoft Partly to Blame for Spread of Duqu

The TrueType font parsing engine is to blame but Microsoft views the risk as low ... for now.

Making Sense of the Growing MDM Marketplace

Mobile device management solutions will soon be all the rage. Why? Because a lot IT security folks are flying blind.

Secunia Jumps Into Vulnerability Disclosure Market

Security research firm provides another option for researchers looking to co-ordinate vulnerability disclosure.

Two Jailed in UK for Use of Banking Trojans

Yevhen Kullibaba and Yurly Konovolenko have been sentenced to four years and eight months in jail.

Is Your Free AV a System Hog?

Antivirus software is a necessity these days but some solutions are a bigger drain on system resources than others. See how AVG, Microsoft, Avast and Comodo compare.