Malware: Archive: August 2010 

New 64-Bit Windows Rootkit Already 'In The Wild'

An updated rootkit already floating around the Internet may be a new milestone in how to break into Windows.

Malware Scam Uses Celebrity Deaths as Lure

New malware campaign sends unsolicited emails with subjects indicating that a celebrity has died in car crash. If you open the accompanying file, the only wreck will be on your PC or mobile device.

Microsoft Was Warned of DLL Vulnerability a Year Ago

A security hole in the internals of many Windows applications could lead to an unprecedented rewrite of many popular programs.

DIY Facebook Malware Kit Digs for Login Credentials

A new do-it-yourself malware kit called Facebook Hacker is extremely easy to use and, according to security experts, particularly adept at snaring passwords for Facebook, as well as other sites.

Symantec Warns of New Wave of Trojan Spam

Latest attack contains information-stealing malware hidden in innocuous-looking attachments that masquerade as resumes, photos and sales leads.

Microsoft's Patch Plugs 'Spoofing' Exploit

One of Tuesday's patches could protect users from hackers trying to steal a user's identity and gain control of his or her system.

Hackers Infiltrate Red Cross Website - Again

For the second time this year, hackers have compromised one of the humanitarian organization's websites with malware that can capture visitors' personal information.

Malware Reaches Record Levels: McAfee

The security software firm's latest report finds more than 10 million new pieces of malware in the first half of 2010, an all-time high.

SMS-Sending Trojan Targets Android Smartphones

Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab have identified a Trojan that embeds itself in Android-based mobile devices and runs up texting charges by sending messages to premium-rate numbers.

Top Ten Web Malware Threats

Web-borne malware encounters continue to rise, leveraging a variety of vectors, methods, and exploits. Use this list to identify and fight trends that are likely to target your Web servers and users.

Adobe Races to Ready Patch for Another PDF Vulnerability

After a serious security flaw in its Acrobat and Reader applications surfaced at last week's Black Hat security conference, Adobe wants users to know it's rushing out a fix.

4 Simple Ways to Secure Your Email

Protect your business and personal email accounts by practicing these four key steps to email security.

Spam Threat Growing, Getting Sneakier

New survey says spam is becoming harder for U.S. adults to distinguish from legitimate email.

Most Think Cyber Espionage Is Acceptable: Security Report

Security software vendor Sophos' midyear Security Threat Report uncovers users' cavalier attitude about cyber warfare.