Sophos Intercept X Brings an End to Ransomware

Intercept X from Sophos brings a bandolier of silver bullets to the ransomware fight, leaving cybercriminals scattering for cover.

MajikPOS Malware Currently Infecting U.S. Point-of-Sale Systems

The malware began infecting businesses across North America in late January.

Understanding Ransomware Vectors Key to Preventing Attack

Understanding how ransomware infects computers and mobile devices is critical for preventing ransomware attacks.

Anti-Virus Solutions Fail to Protect Against Ransomware

33 percent of respondents to a recent survey experienced a ransomware attack in the past year.

One-Third of Ransomware Victims End Up Paying the Ransom

Another 54 percent refuse to pay but are able to recover their data anyway, a recent survey found.

Over 153,000 Users Were Hit by Mobile Ransomware in 2016

Last year saw a volume of mobile malware equivalent to half of all the malware detected over the previous 11 years, according to a recent report.

Common Types of Ransomware

Ransomware is getting more sophisticated all the time, so prevention is key to avoid paying the ransom or losing data.

Ransomware Dips but Remains 'Evolving Menace'

Microsoft detects a drop in ransomware encounters toward the end of 2016 but warns against growing complacent.

Over 75 Percent of Ransomware Comes from Russian Speakers

More than 1,445,000 users were hit by ransomware in 2016, according to a recent report.

Threat Surge: 2016 Saw 167 Times as Much Ransomware as 2015

Reasons for the surge include the rise of ransomware as a service, easier access in the underground market, and the low cost of conducting an attack.

How to Stop Ransomware

Ransomware is a fast-growing security threat. Here's how to prevent it - or get rid of it if you have it.

Ransomware App Found in Google Play Store

The app demanded 0.2 Bitcoins in payment from infected users.

Ongoing Shamoon Malware Attacks Linked to Greenbug Cyber Espionage Group

The attacks continued to hit organizations in Saudi Arabia earlier this week.

New California Law: Deploy Ransomware, Face Four Years in Prison

The law went into effect on January 1, 2017.

Researchers Demo Citywide Bricking Attack via IoT Malware

The proof-of-concept worm could jump from one smart bulb to another via ZigBee wireless connectivity.

FBI Urges Ransomware Victims to Report Attacks

Doing so, the FBI stated, 'provides law enforcement with a greater understanding of the threat.'

U.S. Small Businesses Lose $75 Billion a Year to Ransomware

Downtime resulting from ransomware attacks can cost companies more than $8,500 an hour, a recent survey found.

Mac Malware Part of Worsening Security Picture

While Mac malware is not as big of a problem as attacks meant for Windows, hackers are targeting Apple operating systems more than ever before.

How to Hide Malware with a Digitally Signed Executable

Deep Instinct reveals flaw that could potentially enable a security certificate bypass in Microsoft applications.

88 Percent of All Ransomware Targets the Healthcare Sector

The education sector comes second at 6 percent, according to a recent report.

U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Publishes New Guidance on Ransomware

'Organizations need to take steps to safeguard their data from ransomware attacks,' says Office for Civil Rights director Jocelyn Samuels.

Massive Ransomware Attack Hits Millions of Microsoft Office 365 Users

Approximately 57 percent of all organizations using Office 365 were hit by the attack.

BluVector Takes Aim at Security Bug Hunting

[VIDEO] Former top IBM security exec, Kris Lovejoy, now president of BluVector by Acuity discusses what her new firm's tech is all about.

TeslaCrypt Ransomware Shuts Down, Releases Master Key

ESET has made a free decryption tool available to those affected.

SWIFT Acknowledges Major Malware Attack on Second Bank

The attack is 'part of a wider and highly adaptive campaign targeting banks,' according to SWIFT.