Mac OS Security: Archive: October 2011 

Sophos Warns of DevilRobber Mac OS X Trojan

The Trojan uses victims' GPUs for Bitcoin mining.

Taking a Layered Approach to IT Security

Smart patching and whitelisting combined with antivirus are a good way to ensure you are going beyond the basics.

Researchers Warn of New Tsunami Mac OS X Trojan

OSX/Tsunami-A appears to be a port of the Linux backdoor Trojan Troj/Kaiten.

Taiwan Tops List for Attack Traffic

New Akamai report points the finger at Asia-Pacific for most attack traffic.

F-Secure Warns of New Mac Trojan

The Flashback.C Trojan is designed to disable the automatic update component of XProtect.

'They' Really Are Watching You

Your friends may say you're paranoid but this time you might be right.

Apple Patches 96 Security Flaws with iOS 5

The update includes 69 security fixes for WebKit alone.

Safari Update Patches Security Vulnerabilities

Version 5.1.1 patches several security flaws, including one that can allow a basic JavaScript command to launch arbitrary programs.

Review: Kaspersky Adds Cloud, Smartphones to Its Updated Offering

The first major overhaul in four years of Kaspersky's business antivirus software, Kaspersky Business Space Security, is out.

Google Silently Updates Chrome as Mozilla Preps

You may not have noticed, but Google updated your Chrome browser silently for seven vulnerabilities and Mozilla wants to do the same thing.