The Twitter account of British actor Simon Pegg was recently hacked.

"[Pegg] was tweeting a series of messages about the Glastonbury Festival in southwestern England [on June 26] when a different tweet went out: 'Download the new 'Paul' screen saver[redacted] after download right click and press test to install,'" writes SecurityNewsDaily's Paul Wagensell.

"Some fans who assumed it was from him and installed the screensaver were alerted by their anti-virus software that a Trojan horse was present in the file, reports Sophos' Naked Security blog. (The bogus Pegg tweet has since been deleted.) Unfortunately, not all of Pegg's 1.2 million followers were so forewarned," Wagensell writes.

Go to "Nerd Superstar Simon Pegg Has Twitter Account Hijacked" to read the details.

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